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Our resident Editor, Lori was a stylist in her (recent) former life and now spends her days writing about it – and traveling as much as she can in her free time. Get to know more about the girl who helps curate all your favorite beauty tips and techniques!


Do you have a favorite workout routine or activity?

Pilates is my jam! Although lately, I’ve gotten back into running – it’s where all my genius ideas come from. (Either there or in the shower ;))

Favorite athletic brand to wear?

I’ll admit, since I work from home I wear workout gear A LOT – and can be a bit of a snob. I LOVE ALO. When it comes to shoes – my flat feet need Asics (lucky for me they’ve started making better colors).

On the daily: Sneaks or Stilettos?

Birkenstocks :D.

Favorite exercise?

Anything on the reformer.

Least favorite exercise?

One-legged burpees – yes, apparently that’s a thing (I’m talking to you F45).

Wearing makeup to the gym/class: Fo sho or hell no.

I’ll admit – when I was in a sorority in college I may have worn a little. But now, Helllll no.

What’s your après workout skin routine? (Face wipes and go, need to wash your skin, Can’t wait to get home and shower, Or must rinse and change before leaving the gym?)

I always wash my hands and splash some water on my face before leaving the gym. I usually have some Micellar wipes in my car and then as soon as I get home it’s in the shower I go!

Favorite way to wear your hair when you workout?

High bun. It is seriously not cute (especially with my curly hair) but my hair feels weightless this way when I run so.. c’est la vie.

Post workout guilty pleasure?

Cuddling with my pup and sneakily getting my hubby to rub my feet :D.



How often do you wash it?

About every other day. I have pretty curly hair (and a lot of it) so I try not to dry it out.

How do you feel about dry shampoo? (All day every day, once in a blue moon, or when pigs fly?)

Once in a while, crocodile. Although I heavily relied on this when I worked in the salon, I wear my hair natural most days, which means I don’t have to extend my blowout as much.

How often do you cut/color it professionally?

I only go about every 6 months or so. I have a beachy-esque ombre and long layers, so I am pretty low-maintenance.

How often do you style it?

Only when I have to. My hair is pretty curly and I’ve finally learned how to love it naturally. Also blow drying is a workout in itself.

Must-have product?

KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE + SHIMMER.ME BLONDE for air-drying. Also Kerastase Nectar Thermique for blow drying. The smell alone, divine! (Oh and we can’t forget Oribe Texturizing Spray).



How often do you wear makeup?

Only when I have to. Maybe once a week?

What makeup “style” are you? (i.e: Natural, glam)

Very natural, probably too “natural” some days :D

What is the most important thing for your makeup/skincare routine? (i.e: healthy skin, sustainable products?)

Healthy skin is my number one concern – it is our biggest organ after all. From head to toe, I want to ensure the products I use are healthy for my body!

How do you pick new products? (Online reviews, a recommendation from sales staff, following bloggers/vloggers, packaging?)

Definitely a mix of all of those – I research a great deal and always talk to estheticians and makeup artists about what they’re using and what they love. 

If you could only wear one makeup product a day (ie. Foundation, concealer or lipstick etc) what would it be?

Mascara, I don’t look alive without it.



How often do you get a manicure?

Eeeeeek, not very often. shakes head*

What’s your go-to shape?

Squoval-ish. I have a funny nail bed shape (at least I think I do) so anything to combat that, I’m down with.

Do you have a favorite color?

Essie Chastity, O.P.I. Mod About You, and O.P.I. Malaga Wine have been longtime favorites, but now I just pick up any polish that looks interesting! Pinks and lavender look the best on my skin tone.

Does the pedi match the mani?

NO, never! I’m lucky enough if my nails match.

Nip or push?

I’m a pusher!

Favorite polish brand and why?

I can’t decide, there are too many good ones out there and so many reasons to love them all!

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