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Clean Beauty has become much more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Consumers are now more informed than ever - they want to know what is in their products, where ingredients are sourced from and how sustainable the lifespan of the product is. Aside from what goes into the bottle, clean initiatives like "green" and "blue" beauty are also placing precedent on the sustainability of packaging. Curious about what the new “Blue Beauty” means for your lifestyle? Get to know more about Blue Beauty and how KEVIN.MURPHY fits into the conversation. 

What is Blue Beauty?

Blue Beauty falls under the umbrella of Green Beauty and is supportive of practising clean beauty initiatives. While Green Beauty is characterised as products that are formulated with naturally derived ingredients, Blue Beauty addresses the direct impact of beauty products and packaging on our oceans. 

How KEVIN.MURPHY embraces Blue Beauty

Currently, 150 million tons of plastic litter our oceans, with an estimated 8 million tons continually entering our seas each year. As the first beauty brand to do so, KEVIN.MURPHY is utilising 100% reclaimed Ocean Waste Plastic (O.W.P.) Packaging to save a projected 360 tons of plastic from the oceans each year. 

Beyond just the bottle, KEVIN.MURPHY embraces Blue Beauty ideals by selecting only natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, that are harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment at all.

How you can embrace Blue Beauty

Each day, consumers have countless opportunities to make decisions about the products they support. Doing your research and picking brands that have sustainable initiatives and an eco-friendly ethos is a great first step. Apart from your beauty routine, analysing your everyday routine is another perfect place to start. From bringing your own reusable coffee cup, grocery bags and refillable water bottles to opting for paperless receipts and energy-efficient household appliances - awareness is the first step toward quick and easy changes you can make to everyday activities. 

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