Curvaceous Wave Ahead

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Texturizing Mousse for Wavy Hair


A lightweight, airy texturizing mousse for wavy hair that adds shape and structure to define waves. With a unique fiber foam waxy formula, this texturizing mousse for wavy hair enhances curl appearance while providing volume.

How to Use

Layer over Curvaceous Cream Shampoo and Conditioner. Shake well. Rub a small amount in hands and work through damp hair. Apply more as needed. Leave in and diffuse or air dry. Layer over Curvaceous Conditioner for even softer curl definition.


  • Shapes and defines waves and curls with lasting memory and a satin finish

  • Unique fiber foam formula adds structure and shape

Key Ingredients


CURL MEMORY COMPLEX - Exclusive technology that helps curls retain moisture, coats the cuticle to smooth and reduce frizz, and strengthens each strand.

SUGAR CRYSTALS - Reactivates shape

MORINGA OIL - Restores moisture

UV FILTER - Protects from UV damage Interlock Protein Network™

INTERLOCK PROTEIN NETWORK - Rebuilds surface protection, and provides progressive conditioning and strengthens hair's core.


Sugar Crystals, Moringa Oil, UV Filter, Interlock Protein Network