Diamond Oil High Shine Shampoo

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Oil-enriched, high hair shine


Oil enriched, shimmering hair shine shampoo that strengthens hair to prevent breakage while delivering radiant shine. Leaves hair feeling airy and sparkling with a multi-faceted diamond-like shine.


How to Use

Apply to wet hair. Massage into a lather. Rinse. For best results, follow with Diamond Oil High Shine Conditioner. For intensified shine, follow with Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine hair oil on wet or dry hair.


  • Cleanses hair for an airy feel and sparkling dimension

  • Enhances shine and reflection on dull hair

  • Oil-enriched, shimmering gel formula

Key Ingredients


SPARKLING OIL COMPLEX - Contains a silicone-free blend of coriander, camelina, and apricots to strengthen from the inside out.

CORIANDER OIL - This hair oil seals, coats and smoothes the hair cuticle to boost shine.

CAMELINA OIL - This hair oil seals and penetrates the peripheral layer just under the cuticle of hair to fill in gaps and soften for reinforced shine.

APRICOT OIL - This hair oil penetrates hair uniformly through multi-layers and into the core for overall conditioning and shine from the inside out.


Coriander oil, Camelina oil, Apricot oil


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