Signature Series Tail Comb

Sam Villa Professional

$7.00 USD


The Sam Villa Tail Comb is perfect for teasing and backcombing your hair. The long tail is also great for sectioning hair as well as for use with foils and straightening hair with a flat iron, as it is heat resistant up to 450°. Features a parting pick for simple sectioning. Comes in black or white. SAM VILLA DOES NOT SELL OR SHIP TO CANADA.

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How to use

Use for teasing, backcombing, and sectioning hair.


Overall dimensions: 8.5" long x 1"" wide. Length of pick: 4.25"; Length of teeth: 4.25". Sophisticated computerized molds eliminate all parting lines and guarantee perfect symmetry between each tooth. Quality design for effortless combing without snagging or dragging. Silicone provides the smoothest glide possible. Graphite resins are added for strength and flexibility. Carbon fibers provide heat resistance up to 450 - ideal for iron work.

Use for teasing, backcombing, and sectioning hair.

Sorry, but this product can only be purchased by Stylists and Salons. If you are a stylist or salon and are still seeing this message, please contact us at


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