Essential Series 6” Shear

Sam Villa Professional

$250.00 USD


The Essential Series Shear is a high quality Japanese alloy hair cutting shear designed for ergonomic comfort and precision control. These shears allow you to cut with your elbow in a downward position, reducing stress on your hand, wrist and body. SAM VILLA DOES NOT SELL OR SHIP TO CANADA.

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How to use

Cut with your elbow in a downward position.


The 6” Essential Series Shears feature the same ergonomic advantages of the Signature Series Shears. Neutral hand/thumb position for a relaxed cut. Angled handle allows for an elbow down posture in most cutting positions. Constructed from 440C steel - the highest grade of stainless alloy. Cryogenically tempered steel improves the durability of the edge by up to 40%. Click set streamline tension system provides consistent tension throughout the life of the shear. Convex blades provide the smoothest, longest lasting cut available - these type of blades are the same as our Signature Series Shears.

Cut with your elbow in a downward position.

Sorry, but this product can only be purchased by Stylists and Salons. If you are a stylist or salon and are still seeing this message, please contact us at

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