About Us

Bangstyle is the ultimate digital resource for the hair obsessed. We set out to create a unique, interactive community environment to celebrate the artistry, talent, passion and creativity of the hair artist. Stylists are a trusted source of style, trends, friends, gossip buddies and advice givers. So are we.

The Team

  • Ashlee Levitch


    Entering the beauty industry with a foundation in marketing and fashion, Ashlee earned her stripes as a sales rep before falling utterly in love with the passion, artistry and commitment that her stylists put forth. This culture deeply rooted in fun, style, and zest for life drew her into becoming a bit of a kitchen cosmetologist, and eventually leading the “Bangstyle” charge herself.

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  • Lori Barsamian

    Content Manager

    While a photographer her whole life, she's been in the beauty industry for the past 7 years and chronicles her experiences and advice from an educated standpoint. Visually creative and a licensed hairstylist, her goal is to give you the tools to make healthier choices for your life, fashion, and beauty routine.

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  • Jessica Gutierrez

    Business Development Manager

    A beauty industry enthusiast her entire life, Jessie has been building the social media profile of her clients for over 5 years. Her creative sensibility provides a baseline for generating campaigns that leave the audience with a unique understanding of their brand. In an industry that is constantly evolving she loves a great beauty hack almost as much as sample sizes.

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