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Whether the occasion calls for walking the red carpet or the wedding aisle, everyone should have at least one updo in their back pocket for when a formal occasion arises. To arm you with the knowledge you need to look amazing at any event, we’ve enlisted the help of stylist Brid O'Connell at Maison LeDrew Costello Salon to walk us through one of her favourite tutorials, which is surprisingly simple to achieve. Read on for the how-to, which is created using a simple dutch braiding technique!

Dutch Braid Updo: How to Get The Look

The Prep Work



To best achieve the look, wash with BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and BLONDE.ANGEL. Then, work our any knots with UN.TANGLED and blow dry hair to add volume using ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY. Apply EASY.RIDER to keep any flyaways at bay while you work.

Styling: The Steps



STEP 1. Start by sectioning the hair on a side part and continue section to just on top of the ear.



STEP 2. Begin a three stranded Dutch Braid, taking smaller sections around hair line and bigger sections on the top of the head.


STEP 3. Pull out braid only around perimeter, and continue braiding around the nape of the neck.



STEP 4. Begin to braid hair parallel to the floor and secure ends with a bobby pin.



STEP 5. Shape the loose end of braid into a round shape working from the outside in and bobby pin into place. Finish with SHIMMER.SHINE and SESSION.SPRAY.