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NAHA Finalist - Ali Haller | Student

Ali Haller's work is total #goals! As a Student Finalist, we see her vision is well beyond her years. Creating cuts with interest and color with purpose we can't wait to see what this artist does next! Keep reading to get to know more about this amazing artist and all of her inspirations! 

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3 Ways To Spice Up Your Fades This Summer

Who says short hair has to be boring? While you may feel like you’re doing a million skin fades this summer, don’t let yourself fall into a creative rut. A good stylist knows how to use even the shortest strands as a canvas for their artistry. From bold color to clean lines, check out the top ways to elevate your fades this season.

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Go-To Men’s Styles For Summer

Just like a fine suit, a well-tailored cut is a game changer when it comes to men’s grooming. Men love to update their look just as much as women and the summer months are the perfect time to switch things up a bit. If you’ve hit a wall with your style and can’t seem to find your latest #hairspo, try these on for size.

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NAHA Finalist - Jamie DiGrazia | Men's Hairstylist of the Year

Jamie Digrazia shows off her beautiful influence over not only the industry but movements within it as well. Working hard for change and acceptance she opened one of the country's first gender-neutral salons. Through this collection, she reinforces the idea of looking outside of the box and seeing shapes and silhouettes for just that, not who is wearing them. We absolutely love this work and the message and hope you can gain some insight into this amazing artist by seeing what inspires her most.

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Bonding Over Beauty With Ashley Austin!

Ashley with a “Y” Austin, our resident Social Media and Marketing Gal brings a fresh perspective to the Bangstyle team. Always with a smile on her face, we want to know her beauty secrets! We chatted with Ashley about some of her healthiest habits and go-to beauty standards.

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What To Do With Your Long Locks

Have you been tempted by all of the pixie crops, mid-lengths and lobs lately? We don’t blame you, but chances are if you’re reading this it’s because you’ve invested a great deal of time into growing your hair out and you don’t want to chop it off just yet. Why is it that once you get to your desired length all you want to do is cut it all off? It could be because you don’t know how to style it anymore or maybe you’re just looking for a change. Before you schedule your next appointment find out what to do with your long locks.

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NAHA Finalist - Madison Wade | Newcomer

Madison Wade shows off her skill in this gorgeous collection. With an amazing amount of depth in her colors and texture within her cuts, Madison shows the breadth of her reach. Get to know more about this amazing artist and the steps she took to get to where she is now!

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3 Reasons Why Keune BLEND Refreshing Balm Is The Only Product You Need This Summer

Dry shampoo may be a staple in your haircare routine, but did you know that some traditional aerosol sprays can be incredibly over-drying? And while good ol’ dry shampoo may be the secret to going a couple of extra days in between washes, you still need the help of a few other products in order to keep your style looking fresh.

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Is Your Hair Ready For The Heat?

Is anyone else as excited about summer as we are? Sure we may be experiencing a bit of “June Gloom” at the moment, but as our weather patterns have shown – we’re in for a beautiful (granted later) summer. The best things about this time of year are the longer (and lighter) days, the smell of backyard BBQ’s at every turn and late nights with amazing friends. Make sure your hair looks as good as you feel as the temps begin to rise with these top tips!

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