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Get The 411 on The Keune Academy: What You Need to Know for Education in 2018

One thing is for certain; in this industry education is key. The realm is ever-evolving, so it is imperative to consistently invest in yourself in order to broaden techniques and ensure you are up to date on the most relevant trends.

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Featured Collection: Edge of Summer - Ashley Flora & Laura Frazier

Capturing all the vibes of Spanish Harlem and the moodiness of the city that is NYC, Ashley Flora explores the depth of a city within her latest collection...

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Top Holiday Styles for Every Occasion

Searching for an easy way to elevate your look during the holiday season?  While fresh outfits are a definite must, it’s also good to keep a couple of new hairstyles in rotation for every event. Read on to learn three easy styles to fit all of your holiday celebrations.

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5 Easy Ways to Get #HolidayReady When You’re in a Rush

Preparing for a special occasion or a holiday soiree can be an all-day process. From a hydrating face mask to a long soak in the tub, prepping for a big event is almost half the fun! Unfortunately, for many women, it’s just not practical. Read on to learn time-saving tricks to help you look pulled together fast.

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Is Your Hair Ready for The Holidays?

From “Friendsgiving” to the annual work party, your calendar is already jam-packed with plans, and you’ll want to make sure that your locks are on point throughout the holiday season. Read on to find out the top ways to keep your hair in check during the busiest time of the year.

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Curl Tips for the Drop in Temps

Caring for curly hair isn’t easy, especially during the wintertime. Chilly conditions can leave hair feeling brittle and dry, while unexpected humidity from sudden rainstorms can cause unmanageable frizz. Read on to discover easy ways to keep your curls in check during the colder months.

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5 Ways to Make Your Blowdry Last

Whether you visit the salon or DIY, nothing beats the feeling of a fresh blowdry. Your hair feels unbelievably smooth, soft, and loaded with volume. Unfortunately, sleeping, showering, and daily styling can cut the life of your blow-dry short. Read on to learn foolproof ways to prolong your style.

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Gifting Guide for Your Gent

Not sure what to get your guy this holiday season? Forget the cologne and scarf—this year, get him an everyday item that he’ll actually put to good use: hair care products. From shampoo to pomade, we’ve rounded up the top product picks your guy will love to receive under the tree.

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Meet Every Blonde’s Secret Weapon for Perfect Hair

Blonde hair has gotten a bad rap for being super high-maintenance. With the constant touch-ups and weekly toning sessions, it can be intimidating to commit to lighter strands—but it doesn’t have to be! Enter: The privé Blonde Rush Sample Box. Perfect for women on the hunt for a quick and easy hair care routine, this set comes with all of the essentials to achieve bombshell-worthy strands. Read on to find out why this box is a must for blondes everywhere.