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Featured Collection: Sweet Dreams - Brandon Messinger

What’s your favorite sweet? In this collection by hair artist Brandon Messinger we dive into the depths of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure.

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Hair Accessories For Fall/Winter!

We’ll admit it’s been a while since we flaunted barrettes, clips, and headbands in our hair, but this year we are beyond excited to bring these favorites back!

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Ssh! Australia 2016

Ssh! Australia is one of the leading industry events, known for its innovation, artistic education, and experiential value for artists all over the world. Emiliano Vitale, Benni Tognini and Robert Lobetta, were the creative leaders behind the event this year, leading teams through collective vision.

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Ever Thought About Competing In NAHA?

What better way to push yourself, and see what you are really made of as an artist, than competition work? 

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Featured Artist - Sarah Adams

As the key hairstylist for FashioNXT, Sarah Adams is definitely always ahead of the trends and has a keen eye for fashion. Learn more about this artist and the inspirations behind her beautiful looks...

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Goodbye Glitter Roots, Hello Hair Foiling

This style will leave you seeing stars! Take a peek at the hottest trend of the holiday season...

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Keune Has Arrived

As a site dedicated to hair inspiration, we are truly excited to introduce our newest member of the family, Keune - a global beauty brand that has been dedicated to the salon professional since 1922.

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Winter Knots With Your Knits

With the resurgence of loose knit turtlenecks and dramatic necklines, we love this knotty look to accentuate our style. Take a peek at some of our favorite looks to wear this sweater season!

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Featured Collection: Tapestry - Lauren Moser

If you know Lauren Moser, you know that she is a master when it comes to textured hair. She has been behind some of our favorite everyday curly looks of the season and continues to push the envelope when it comes to creating art from this form.