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Braid-Made Waves

Not all of us are blessed with perfectly flowing textured locks, and although perms are always an option we don’t mind faking them when they’re this easy. Take a peek at this DIY braid tutorial to get the best waves!

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MEN: Should You Be Dying Your Hair?

The latest men's trend? Hair color! Find out what you need to know from Hollywood's leading gents!

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3 Hairstyles for the First Day of School

If you’ve turned a blind eye toward the upcoming school year, allow us to redirect your focus! With the change in season, comes the change in status from summer vacation to a full-time student. So why dread the impending, when you can get a step ahead of the rest!? While you’re picking out the perfect outfit, start thinking about the perfect hairstyle to match. Keep reading to for hairstyles that are ready for the runway, I mean, hallway!

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Messy Bun - Get The Look

Creating the perfect messy updo is actually a lot harder than it seems. It can easily go from messy-chic to messy-mess! Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex has revived the trend surrounding effortlessly chic styles. In this tutorial, Karen Thomson, Owner of Kam Hair and Body Spa is giving us the steps to get the coveted look!

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Featured Collection: African Warrior Queen - LaChandra Gatson

LaChanda Gatson's latest work African Warrior Queen is a show-stopping collection that truly shows off her breadth of skillset! Keep reading to get to know more about the amazing artist behind this truly moving collection!

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How To Style A Shag Based On Texture

The shag has always been a unisex style – a soft silhouette with lots of layers and tons of texture. The cut creates a great amount of fullness throughout the crown with thin fringes. While the shag has its roots in the 70s, it has bubbled up over the years and keeps making a comeback. With its latest rendition, the SamVilla ArTeam is proving its popularity is back once again. Keep reading to discover tips for styling a shag for different textures!

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Effortlessly On-Trend - SESH Hairdressing

Effortless yet on-trend. This is what Simon Hill and the SESH Hairdressing artistic team, Emma Macpherson and Victoria Gifford, set out to do and accomplished so beautifully within their latest collection. Inspired by the natural hair movement present all around, they utilized traditional hairdressing alongside texture to create this chic finish. Keep scrolling to see their stunning collection and hear about the inspiration behind it all!

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End Your Summer On A High Note With Mega-Soft Strands

As summer comes to a close,  your hair is probably feeling dry, lifeless, brittle and in desperate need of a little TLC. Enter: the Redken All Soft Mega line. Formulated to provide intense moisture and nourishment to dry, coarse strands, this innovative range offers everything you need to repair summer’s wear and tear on your hair. Keep reading to discover five products that promise to give you gorgeous hair well into the upcoming season.

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5 Ways To Hit The Reset Button On Post-Summer Strands

Let’s face it: You’ve been busy this summer, and all of the dry weather, sunshine and traveling has taken a toll on your hair. While you may think that a drastic chop is the only way to salvage what’s left of your strands, you’re in luck—there are plenty of ways to revive dull, discolored or sun-damaged hair without cutting it all off. Check out five easy ways to breathe new life into your post-summer locks.

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