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Is Your Hair Ready For The Heat?

Is anyone else as excited about summer as we are? Sure we may be experiencing a bit of “June Gloom” at the moment, but as our weather patterns have shown – we’re in for a beautiful (granted later) summer. The best things about this time of year are the longer (and lighter) days, the smell of backyard BBQ’s at every turn and late nights with amazing friends. Make sure your hair looks as good as you feel as the temps begin to rise with these top tips!

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An Extensive Guide To Blow Drying Your Hair!

Give your hair some LOVE by treating it to a stellar blowout. Keep reading to see our top blowout tips that are sure to give you the big and bouncy or sleek and straight style you’ve been eyeing on Instagram!

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The Hard Truth About Getting Your Hair Colored

Nearly every millennial remembers the iconic scene in “Clueless” when Cher (Alicia Silverstone) rinses out Tai’s (Brittany Murphy) bright crimson hue in the bathtub, revealing stunning, perfectly toned chocolate locks in mere seconds. Unfortunately, that kind of movie magic just doesn’t exist in the salon, meaning that it may take weeks or months to achieve your desired color. And that’s only part of the equation. Keep reading to learn the top five harsh truths to keep in mind the next time you want to color your hair.

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The Perfect Summer Upstyle

Looking for a fresh way to style your hair this season? With the never-ending heat and the endless summer soirees, a simple chignon can be your best bet! In this tutorial, Hair and Makeup Artist Sherri Jessee gives us an inside look at the steps to get the look!

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There’s A New Vegan Line On The Block – NATURE + SCIENCE

These days, stylists and clients have more options than ever when it comes to picking out a product line that works best for them. Finding a formula that works with a specific color, texture & style can be hard enough. Discovering one that also fits your lifestyle is near impossible… until now. That’s because everyone’s favorite shampoos and conditioners just got even better with Redken’s new Nature + Science range – vegan hair product that was designed to combine the power of nature and the performance of Redken!

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Hairspray vs. Texturiser – Which To Use & When

As new products emerge and innovation in haircare makes leaps and bounds, there are a plethora of new tools and techniques to try on the daily. Picking a hair colour or cut can be a commitment, but when it comes to your style, there are endless ways to finish the look! If there is one thing we know, it is that texturisers make all the difference when taking your style to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about hairspray and texturisers – which to use and when!

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How This DIY Hair Color Turned Into a Major Hair Don’t 

To start off – I will say that I have a greater than average knowledge of hair. Having worked in the beauty industry for 10+ years, I have seen endless takes on fishtails, braided crowns, updos, down styles, babylights, highlights, color melts, ombrés … the list goes on. I also have over 10+ years experience sitting in a salon chair for hours on end intently watching my professional colorist lift my level 3 / 4 hair to an ashy 9 / 10.

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Stylists: Traveling For Work? Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Make Packing A Breeze

Imagine this: You’re at the airport, waiting for TSA to examine your carry-on bag, as tiny beads of sweat start to form along the back of your neck as you wonder if your work essentials are permitted for your carry-on. You anxiously wait for your bags to go through the scanner, only for security to tell you that your hairspray is too large to carry onto the plane, meaning that you must either A) run back to the checked baggage area and see if it’s not too late to throw it in your suitcase or B) toss it and vow to pick up a new one at your destination. Although we usually suggest taking only a carry on, this isn't always the case when it comes to traveling for work! Don’t let this happen to you! Here, an easy-to-follow guide on how to pack your essentials when traveling for work.

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Scalp Acne is a Thing—Here’s How To Treat It

True or false: You can get acne on your scalp. If you answered “False,” then you’ve probably never experienced the itchiness, inflammation, and irritation that accompanies painful scalp breakouts. If you answered “True,” then you may already be all too familiar with scalp acne, aka “folliculitis,” and looking for help. If so, you’re in luck! Here, five tried-and-true ways to treat scalp acne and kick it to the curb once and for all.


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