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The Great Debate: Is Hair Colour Safe During Pregnancy?

Fairly limited information is to be found but research indicates both semi and permanent colours are not highly toxic and are safe to use during pregnancy. But with such limited information available, what does one do about their hair colour?  Which products are safe? Each colour brand is made differently and some are safer than others. When you’re pregnant, you have to say goodbye to some of your favorite things: sushi, wine, retinol-based skincare products, etc. But do you really have to take a break from your colorist? We chatted with COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY Global Design Director Kate Reid to find out what she has to say about the topic. 

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The Transition To Natural Products Made Easy

As the New Year begins and we try our hardest to start new, healthy habits you might find yourself scanning the back side of your favorite products. Clients and stylists alike are more aware than ever about not just what products do, but what goes into them. From body wash and moisturizers to face creams and conditioner – when it comes to natural texture to natural products, there has never been a better time to transition to a more natural routine.

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These Shades Will Turn Back The Clock

These subtle shades can warm up any look, creating softness within your style that pairs perfectly with any and all anti-aging efforts.

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5 Must-Have Products That You Can Share With Your Partner

Are you even considered a couple if you don’t use each other’s products from time to time? Sure, your man may not own up to reaching for your facial cleanser on a daily basis, but you can admit that his deodorant works way better than any formula for women, right? Let’s not even get started on the eye cream sitch – you know he can’t resist using your posh products! Instead of sneaking around in your beau’s bathroom cabinet after he/she falls asleep, why not stock up on products both of you will love? Plus, it makes traveling and the coveted counter and cabinet real estate that much easier! Read on to discover five guy-approved beauty buys to grab this season.

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What Shade Of Brunette Should You Embrace?

Even the palest of blondes are tempted to go dark at least once in their lives. It’s no wonder why: Brunettes evoke a type of mysterious allure that’s hard to resist. But every brunette knows that not all chocolate hues are created equal. Keep reading to find out which dark shade will work best for your skin tone.

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Let's Talk About Tone: How Shades EQ Will Step Up Your Salon Game

It’s a very common scenario; your client sits in your chair, wants a “change” and shows you a picture of exactly what they want. What you do next is key. A proper consultation can really make or break the outcome. Managing expectations and coming up with a strategy for getting the look can ease your stress and get your client what they really want. More than just a change in length or going lighter or darker in color, the tone is really what can make or break the outcome.

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2019 NAHA Finalist - Anica Iordache | Haircutting

Anica Iordache has done it once again. Creating beautifully structured styles that makes us all want to cut our hair short. Inspired by a German Film, she takes her collection on a futuristic ride. Between the colors and the cuts, she transforms her models into gorgeous starlets. Take a peek at the beautiful collection Anica has created as a finalist for the Haircutting category for the 2019 NAHAs below and learn more about her as an artist.

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Madeline Brewer Stuns In Soft Waves At The 2019 Golden Globes

Madeline Brewer became a household name as soon as Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale was released. Fans for the show, and for Maddie, have been growing ever since! Her hair color has always proven to be a shining point for her style and has cemented her iconic look. With a color palate like hers, a simple style can go a long way. Mara Roszak for Biolage knew exactly the style she wanted to create for her Red Carpet debut. "I wanted to create an effortless, gorgeous full blow out with a gentle wave for Maddie!" Said Roszak.

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Redken Symposium Is All The Inspiration You Need This Year

This year, at Symposium 2019 in Las Vegas, Redken is giving you, the artists, the tools to “Learn Better, Earn Better, and Live Best,” A motto that every Redken Artist lives by. From spending one on one time with educators to learning about new product launches and shopping ‘till you drop on the Gallerie floor – it truly gives you a taste of what it is like to attend classes at the Redken Exchange.

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