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My Little Khaleesi - Woodward Bartlett

When I arrived in LA, I started scouting out new and rare My Little Pony dolls—you know with the long, colorful, tangle ridden hair?—and my concept for the Redken NBT photoshoot at Bangstyle with Rodney Cutler solidified. Obsessed with Game of Thrones, (I am a braiding fiend) I began to think what if the Mother of Dragons (Breaker of Chains, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea etc…) got hooked up with My Little Pony vivid color? Awesomesauce--That’s what.

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Best Of The Fest 2019

From outfits to beauty – colour proved to be the most apparent aspect of everyone’s looks at Coachella 2019. Most notably, we fell in love with the hair colour inspiration seen throughout. With pops of rose, hints of jade and peppermint – it looks like we’ll be seeing these new shades all season! Keep reading to see what styles we were crushing on and how to get the festival-inspired look this season!

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Create Touchable Texture

Any hairstylist will agree, achieving a perfect style comes from first having healthy hair. Hair that is nourished, free from split ends, and hydrated shows off colour more brilliantly and styles exponentially better. Therefore, the key to creating touchable texture lies first in caring for your hair. From regular cuts to caring for your colour and using quality products to cleanse and protect your strands – these elements all work together to achieve a seamless style. Keep reading to learn more about our favourite product picks for your texture.

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The Top 5 Reasons You Need Lowlights

While some hair trends are best left in the past (i.e. perms, mullets, the infamous “Snooki” poof), some styles quickly experience near-extinction in the salon long before they’ve had their deserved time in the spotlight. Case in point: lowlights. The often-overlooked technique of adding darker hints of color has been used for years to create dimension and contrast, but, thanks to balayage’s popularity, it’s basically fallen off the grid. Or has it? Here, our top five reasons why we think lowlights are slated to make their long-awaited comeback in 2019. 

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Featured Collection | Freedom 3D - Manuel Mon

With extreme attention to detail, Manuel Mon has created an Avant-Garde collection that will make you look twice! Taking his vision from pen and paper to computer and printer, he is blending modern technology with updated classics. Individually wrapping 3D printed pieces with hair, the pieces are stunning by themselves and masterpieces when supporting to the total look. Keep reading to get to know more about Manuel, his process and see his breathtaking work!

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5 Reasons Why Your Client’s Beach Waves Are Falling Flat

Forget winter’s stick-straight styles—with summer quickly approaching, beach waves are once again expected to reign supreme as the season’s top trend. And, if clients have any hope of recreating the flirty, effortless look, they’re going to need a cut to match. Unfortunately, not all cuts are created equal when it comes to achieving full-bodied, textured waves. Keep reading to discover five issues to look out for to ensure clients’ waves look on point all summer long.

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A Fishtail Braid For Festival Season

Festival style stems from a break from the norm. Historically, music festivals were all about expressing yourself free from the constraints of society and these days from festival inspired cuts and color to style and beauty – in modern times we’re seeing that almost anything goes. From Red Carpet to Fashion Week, individuality is key and something to be truly celebrated this season! Keep reading to learn a quick and easy way to create a festival inspired look in no time! 

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Scalp Care Is The Key To A Healthy Style

Summer will be here before you know it! As the warmer months hit, you’ll want to get your clients hair in shape, fast! To get them ready for hat hair and extra UV rays, educate them on how to achieve a sultry style in a snap. How to step things up a notch? All too often, we blame our strands for a bad hair day when the real culprit could be our scalps. We overlook the need to care for them and this could be detrimental to not only our style but also our hair health. It is a secret no more, the best styles come from a healthy scalp and we’ll give you the tools to get there!

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The Top Cuts For Fine Texture

Knowing what type of hair you have can greatly impact the choices you should be making when it comes to picking a new haircut. Defining texture – hair type (fine, medium, or coarse) refers to the diameter of each hair strand. Those of us with fine hair should know a few key tips when it comes to donning a new look and here are the best haircuts that you can choose for the season to come!


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