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Hairspray That Helps!

One of the most important steps when styling hair lies in the finishing! If your hair isn’t protected from the elements chances are your style won’t stay. The best fix for this is hairspray. The only downside is that hairspray usually feels more like it’s drying out your hair than protecting it. Knowing how important the look, feel and healthy of hair is, colorpHlex created a new tool to guard against the elements without compromising your hair.

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The Return Of One-Length Cuts

As we anticipate the moves this season’s fashion shows will make, we are met with a new cut everyone will be craving! Find out how to get the look...

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How-To: Bevel Fringe - Sam Villa

The trick to styling the perfect fringe is by not closing your straightening iron... find out how Sam Villa creates the perfect looking style with this technique.

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A Men’s Styling Revolution

As gender lines blur and unisex style and styling products begin to open a new dimension on fashion we see men spending more time grooming – therefore more time educating themselves on products and technique.  This men’s grooming revolution was first spotted on the runways and has now trickled down to street style. As Men’s NYFW unveils a new season of style, be sure you know how to get the looks!

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NYFW Domingo Zapata Fall 2017 - label.m

Who said Fashion Shows had to be held on a runway? In his NYFW debut Love X Fashion X Art, Spanish Painter Domingo Zapata made a splash with his theatrical performance to show off his Fall 2017 womenswear line. Held at the LES nightclub The Box, it was an art meets fashion show with influences from his native culture and urban youth.

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Featured Artist: Justine Maggio - BEYOND Hair

Getting to the point in your career where you can become a freelance artist is quite a feat. It takes time, education, patience and a great deal of dedication. And Justine Maggio has done just that. Before she began freelancing she worked in high fashion, on TV series, in theatre, and for Award Winning salons and stylists. Working with brands such as Kérastase Paris, KEVIN.MURPHY, and L’Oreal Professional. Now Justine specialises throughout Sydney with her own business, BEYOND hair in which she strives to go BEYOND the simplicity of hair. Her work is truly breathtaking and her styles stun! Get to know more about Justine and take a peek at her beautiful work.

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Featured Artist: Angela Cattaneo from @BeyondThePonytail

Angela Cattaneo encompasses the meaning of a true artist. As a stylist she has educated herself and drawn inspiration from her wonderful mentors to craft the career she has today. She is constantly striving to motivate others through @beyondtheponytail by offering a visual arena for inspiration through her own creations and by praising the work of her fellow stylists. We had the chance to meet Angela and admire one of her braided styles in person, an elaborate masterpiece with embellished finishes that left us wanting to know more about her!

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Show Your Clients Some Love!

In a world full of apps, digital communication and social media sometimes it’s nice to show your clients a little extra interpersonal love. We often get bogged down by routines and time restrictions to spend a few extra minutes speaking with them while they process or offering them helpful advice on how to keep their hair looking healthy at home. This season, be sure to spread a little love to the ones we care for the most! 

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Bourbon and Badass Men: A Style Crush Revealed

We talked to the men behind 18.21 Man Made to see how they would style their hair crushes... First up is Keanu Reeves and Baba Yaga himself, as he is back in the cinema this month with the recent release of John Wick Chapter 2...