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How To Cut Curtain Fringe

On the heels of fashion weeks, a new season of styles, and the change in temps, clients everywhere have been asking for fringe. Whether they are looking for a new face-frame a way to make a statement or are simply bored with their same old style – they’ll want to take into account their lifestyle and a few styling hacks prior to making the chop. While you’ll be busy chatting it up with your clients about what style and length are best for them, don’t forget to brush up on a few basics behind the chair.

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Keep Things Classic This Father’s Day

Whether you’re planning an outing for Father’s Day or getting busy in the salon with all the dads gracing your chair, be sure to stock up on the top products for the men in your life!

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Color Protection When You Need It Most

The sun is a mystery to most – it can make your skin darker and hair lighter. For color-treated clients, it simply makes it fade. Sun protection has been a common topic between Millennial’s and gen-x-ers alike, but as that conversation moves from skin protection to hair protection not as many clients are as well versed. Any client who colors their hair knows that it is an investment, but how many are committed to the upkeep? A great finish is one part stylist and one part of home care. Color may start in the salon, but the longevity of it is determined by the actions taken once they leave. To create more trust between stylist and client it is important to educate them on just what steps to take! Keep reading to hear our top tips for color protection when you need it most.

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Anti-Aging Tips For Your Hair

From hair care to the best styles to turn back the clock, we’re committed to giving you to tools you need to know for a lifetime full of lovely locks!

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6 Stress-Free Ways to Create Clients’ Dream Color This Summer

Colorists see it every day: A client comes into the salon requesting a dramatic transformation, expecting their pro to achieve the shade in a single process. Unfortunately, creating a drastic change requires more than meets the eye—there is an entire science to creating a client’s ideal look. Here, six ways to help clients seamlessly switch up their color this season.

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The Secret To Finding The Right Extensions For You

Hair extensions have come a long way since they first arrived on the scene. Long gone are the days when stringy, fake-looking enhancements reigned supreme—these days, most extensions blend so well with users’ natural locks that the phrase “Is that real?” is more common than ever before. Though there are an endless array of options currently available on the market, selecting the right type of extensions can be intimidating. Here, five foolproof tips for determining which extensions will work best for you.

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4 Festival Trends You Need To Adopt This Summer Season

Despite a few technical difficulties during artists’ performance and the infamous lemon thrown at Ariana Grande, Coachella 2019 didn’t disappoint, especially in the hair department. From funky braids to seashell embellishments, the event provided plenty of inspiration for the season ahead. But fair warning, not all festival trends are meant to be worn outside of the desert. The key to nailing the concert-casual vibe without looking like a lost festival attendee? Sporting toned-down, yet on-trend recreations of your favorite looks. Here, real ways to rock the top festival styles in your everyday life.

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Vintage Inspired Styles To Steal

Perhaps the most stylish of the trends came out of London post-WWII when the Ton Up Club and Café Racers ruled the streets. Slicked back looks and a high shine finish was key for the café crowd. As bikes evolved, so did the riders. These days, riders look a little less Sons Of Anarchy and a little more GQ! Keep reading to see how to get some of our favorite moto-inspired styles.

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Refresh Your Look Just In Time For Summer

It’s officially spring, which means there’s no better time to debut a new style, especially in time for summer! But you don’t have to make a drastic chop to amp up your go-to look. From subtle babylights to cool fringe, there are plenty of ways to change up your style. Check out easy ways to spice up your strands this season.


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