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6 Braid Styles That Will Leave You Swooning!

Ramona Krieger of Love2Braid has just debuted her latest collection, Black & White. Although her name is Ramona, her close friends and family have always called her “Moon”. Inspired by the moon, Ramona often times finds herself hypnotized by the moon’s beauty. Blending her nickname and her love for the celestial element, Ramona’s collection is inspired by the phenomenal beauty of our solar system. Going a step further, the moon has both light and dark elements, which Ramona chose to showcase through the color of her model’s hair.  Combining natural texture, she wanted to use both the beautiful natural curls of her models with a touch of braids.

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A Romantic Braid Two Ways, Just In Time For Valentine's Day

As we hurriedly make Valentine's Day plans with best friends and boyfriends, hubbies and family don't forget to pick up a few quick tips to getting your style to match your mood!

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4 Foolproof Ways To Skyrocket Your Salon Sales In 2019

Selling retail in the salon can be tricky, especially when you’ve developed a close relationship with your client. On one hand, you know which products would be amazing for your client’s locks, but, on the other hand, you don’t want to come off as “pushy.” So, should you shrug off retail sales in an attempt to avoid risking your relationship? No way! Keep reading to discover easy ways to increase product sales—and strengthen clients’ trust along the way.

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VOTE NOW for the Bangstyle Artist to Reign SUPREME!

Each year, Bangstyle holds the Bangstyle Artist to Reign Supreme Contest. With weekly and monthly winners competing for the chance to be the yearly winner! The yearly contest is voted on by the entire community and gives the artists a chance to get their work out there! Due to the fact that Bangstyle is a community-centric platform, we thought we would change it up a bit and create a monthly vote instead!

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Tips and Tricks For Growing Out Your Facial Hair

This season, its all about the beards, the mustaches and embracing the total look. Whether for a good cause like #Movember or simply to embrace the weather - these are our top tips for growing out your facial hair in style. 

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Featured Collection: Intercoiffure's - Recycle

Linda Schuster of Sweden takes us through the gorgeous collection that she created with her fabulous team - Joakim Roos, Susanna Buske, Idde Charbachi, and Henric Sandberg and makeup artist Josefin Svan. The team details the growing importance of sustainability within our industry. Taking a step back from what is high-fashion or "trend-worthy" they are starting a movement toward what is eco-friendly. Too often in our industry and in our everyday lives, we take advantage of the fact that we are a highly consuming "throwaway" culture. If something is broken we choose to throw it away instead of fixing it. Linda Schuster and her team are turning back the clock and making recycling relevant again! Keep reading to hear about the collection in her own words!

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How to Edit Your Instagram Photos!

With over 70 million active daily users, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing and popular social media platforms today. It’s an easy way to show your friends, family and others your story through photography. It’s also become one of the most popular platforms for hair inspiration. From pixies and braids to color work, it’s quite possibly the fastest way to grow your personal brand and salon business!

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You’ve Just Spotted Your First Gray, Now What?

One thing is for certain — you can't hide from it! It happens to all of us: One minute you’re casually checking out your strands in the mirror, then BAM!—you spot your very first gray hair. The good news? There’s no need to panic! Getting gray hair is completely natural, and while it’s definitely not a fun experience, there are easy ways to cope. Check out the top dos and don’ts for disguising grays.

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The Shag Is This Year's Trendiest Cut

Although this haircut is decades old, the shag haircut has ebbed and flowed in its popularity over the past few years. With a new trend toward texture, the interest in creating movement has become paramount. Clients are looking for new ways to wear their hair, especially shorter cuts. Alongside texture, the ability to wash and wear your hair has also heavily influenced new styles. Keep reading to understand the trends and techniques as well as how the shag will influence hair in 2019.


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