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This Is The Color Of The New Year!

Looking for a way to reign in the New Year pops of pink are almost as bubbly as champagne and are sure to set off a few fireworks. How do you like the celebrate the New Year? For us a new style is supreme! And this season PINK is proving popular. Not sure how you want to wear it? We’ve highlighted our top 3 ways to wear it below!

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How Will the Shag Influence Hair in 2019?

Although this haircut is decades old, the shag haircut has ebbed and flowed in its popularity over the past few years. With a new trend toward texture, the interest in creating movement has become paramount. Clients are looking for new ways to wear their hair, especially shorter cuts. Alongside texture, the ability to wash and wear your hair has also heavily influenced new styles. Keep reading to understand the trends and techniques as well as how the shag will influence hair in 2019.

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2019 NAHA Finalist - Michelle O'Connor | Avant-Garde, Editorial, Texture & Team

Time and time again, Michelle O'Connor sparks inspiration with her work. The fluid movements of her silhouettes, the detail in texture and the overall vibe you get from her creations speaks straight to the heart of fellow artists. When you look at her creations you almost can't believe they are real and you just want to reach out and touch them! This year, she is a finalist nominated in 4 distinct categories for the 2019 NAHA awards in Long Beach: Avant-Garde, Editorial, Texture, and Team - a collection she created with Dilek Onur Taylor. Keep reading to get to know more about Michelle as an artist and see the truly inspirational works of art she has created!  

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Featured Collection: Knights and Daze - Natasha King

Near the bottom of New Zealand, a small town named Invercargill is where Natasha King calls home. An exceptional stylist with quite the eye for hair art, Natasha dreams up her creations here and finds herself traveling to Melbourne to bring them to completion with her stellar team. Keep reading to get to know more about this amazing hair artist and the inspiration that went into her latest collection: Knights and Daze! 

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Featured Collection: Robin Bacon

Robin Bacon has a penchant for color and texture and a flair for fashion. Her collections are strike interest within the community offering a source of constant inspiration!  Check out her latest collection and learn about the influence behind her beautiful art!

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Architexture - A NAHA Dream Come True | Eyliana Gibson

When is the last time you did something that scared you? Like really just shook a fist at fear and went for it anyway? If you are like me, a challenge is exciting but when our creative, personal, or emotional offerings are out there for the world to see, it can bring up fear-based thinking that limits us from reaching for the stars! Sharing your art is a lot like falling in love…butterflies, insecurity, and elation. All at the same time.

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6 Ways To Achieve Your Brightest Color Ever

Do you change your hair color or nail color more often than you change your sheets? You’re not alone! With so many fun, vibrant and playful colors out there, why would anyone stick to a single shade for more than a week? Adding a fun pop of color to your locks or your tips is an easy way to amp up your look. But, don’t be fooled—color is a commitment, especially if you want to maintain vibrancy, dimension and shine. Read to discover easy ways to maintain your color all season long.

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What To Do When Your Hair is Dry AF

There's more to it than what you might think. Dry hair requires a ton of TLC alongside the right routine to get it back to its former glory.

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Get Your Style To Stay

From start to finish, the products you prime your hair with are of equal importance to the ones you create the finishing touches with. Keep reading to see our favorite product picks when getting your style to stay put

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