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Take CARE This Season

We spend so much of our life – our careers, our upbringing, and our social situations – taking care of others. We oftentimes forget that sometimes you need to take a step back and learn how to take CARE of ourselves again. Over the past few years, learning to decompress and de-stress has come a long way from the usual Friday night glass of wine, game day with the gents or night out with the girls. As a society, we’ve started to break past social norms and find new, healthy ways to find a work/life balance. 

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Care For Your Hair Colour At Home!

More than ever before, clients are taking great care of their hair. We can attribute this trend to them being extremely informed, taking pride, and ultimately enjoying their hair care routine. Can we say #selfcare?! As stylists, we love it when clients take an interest in improving the health of their hair and maintaining it between salon appointments. The more they sustain their hair at home, the better results we get in the salon!

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Hair Color PSA: How To Keep Your Blonde Bright

Flowers are beginning to bloom and we’re almost rounding the corner to a summer filled with sunshine. Although we’ve been carefully prepping for bikini season and investing in lawn furniture for late nights and backyard barbeques, don’t forget about your hair! While spring-cleaning usually means getting a trim, it should also mean prepping your strands for summer hues. Find out how to keep your blonde bright with one simple switch!

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The Ultimate Blowout Guide!

Give your hair some LOVE by treating it to a stellar blowout. Keep reading to see our top blowout tips that are sure to give you the big and bouncy or sleek and straight style you’ve been eyeing on Instagram!

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Treat Yourself To A Box Of Chocolates This Valentine's Day

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, committed or somewhere in between – each year, as Valentine’s Day rolls around women are on the search for something to love. While we’ve been prone to keep Galentine’s Day dates with girls or Valentine's celebrations with a significant other, there may be a new event to put on the books – a date with your colourist.

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Inspiring Collections from the 2018 British Hairdressing Awards

The British Hairdressing Awards are a welcomed treat each year for artist and audience alike. With some of the top talent showcasing their art, we are amazed each year with their ability to push the envelope that much more. We had the chance to catch up with Cos Sakkas, 2018 British Hairdresser of the Year nominee, and Sylvestre Finold, 2018 Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year to take a peek at their collections and see just what brings them inspiration!

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Shades We Can’t Help But Swoon Over

Everyone seems to have the look of LOVE in their eyes this season. Whether it’s residual feelings from Valentine’s Day or the uptick in peachy pastels from this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, we can’t help but fall head over heels for the season’s hottest shades. Taking our trends from fashion – floral had a huge influence this season. Prints and pastel shades also work wonders with a warmer palate. To showcase our favorite way to work with this movement we’ve rounded up some of our favorite floral shades of the season!

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5 Ways to Integrate The Pantone Color of The Year Into Your Beauty Routine

It’s official: Living Coral is the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year and that means there’s no better time to incorporate some fun, punchy coral hues into your everyday look. The good news? Unlike 2018’s Ultra Violet pick, this shade is extremely wearable and flattering on most skin tones. Keep reading to discover five easy ways to sport embrace the year’s hottest shade.

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Glamour & Grace at New York Fashion Week

No one does shimmer and glam quite like Sherri Hill. Best known for creating dresses that enhance the female shape, her collections always aim for fashion-forward and form fitting! Hill originally gained traction when Miss USA, Miss America, and Miss Universe contestants consistently won wearing her pieces. She debuted her latest Fall/Winter 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week. When it came to her creations, this season was no exception! From jumpsuits to bright shades, feathers, and embellished beauties, each design had its own Cinderella moment.


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