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Add A Gloss Before The Ball Drops

Salons are increasingly busy around the holiday season. As clients begin to prep for office parties, family gatherings and New Year's plans it is imperative to give your clients the gift of gloss before the ball drops!

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2019 NAHA Finalist - Lindsey Mollenhauer | Avant-Garde

Lindsey Mollenhauer’s 2019 Avant-Garde NAHA Finalist Collection proves that hair is art! With absolutely gorgeous structures, Lindsey Mollenhauer draws on the Rococo movement of France and puts a modern spin on it. Taking the drama of their wigs at the time and blending it with a hip-hop finish! Keep reading to see the stunning inspiration behind Lindsey’s collection and hear more about her as an artist!

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Red Carpet Waves In 3 Ways

Stick-straight styles may have been all the rage, but we have a feeling 2019 will be all about waves. From natural texture to old Hollywood glam, the effortless style commanded attention throughout this year’s award show season, providing the rest of us with plenty of hair inspiration for the months to come. Check out easy ways to recreate the most sought-after red carpet looks.

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Who’s #RedkenReady For Redken Symposium 2019?!

The best part about Redken Symposium is the energy that comes from the collective group! All too often we’re left to connect online through Social Media but attending Symposium allows stylists and salons to connect in real time with educators and influencers. With hands-on classes designed to build styling, business, marketing, and digital strategy, Redken is giving you to tools to learn better, earn better and live best!

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A Tree That Leaves - Sabrena Handley & Caitlyn Earnest

Sabrena Handley and her apprentice Caitlyn Earnest teamed up together and used each of their strengths to create a collection they were equally proud of! Keep reading to learn more about their process and the inspiration behind their art!

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2019 NAHA Finalist - David Maderich | Makeup Artist Of The Year

David Maderich is painting outside the lines in his latest collection. His 2019 NAHA entry was a concept he had created months before and knew he wanted to save it for entry. Building upon his 2018 Win, this year David painted the hands of his model as well. To him, it was the detail that really set his images apart and we couldn't agree more! The pops of color and use of paper as one of his elements open up our eyes to a world of color outside of traditional makeup. Keep reading to see how David beautifully transformed his models this year and take a peek at his sketches to see his exact process!

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3 Celeb-Approved Short Hairstyles To Try Now

If there’s anyone who can get a woman to voluntarily chop off her hair, it’s a celebrity. And this year offered no shortage of short hair inspiration, from Jenna Dewan’s textured bob to model Cara Delevingne’s pixie cut. Keep reading to discover three above-chin-length styles to test drive this season.

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Combat Winter Weather With These Cool Cuts

Although you’re probably craving the warm days of summer right about now, there’s something comforting about the cold days of winter. With holiday festivities just around the corner and plenty of time to spend with family and friends, it is a lovely time of year! As we transition from Hawaiian shirts to Pea Coats, be sure to get the cut to go along with your style.

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Brighten Your Strands Just In Time For NYE!

The New Year brings an entire season of change. Routines begin to alter, outfits drastically transform and beauty routines become paramount. While most stress over the beginning of the year and their new beginnings, why not make it easier on yourself to transform this season. Keep reading to see the best ways to brighten your NYE look this year, just in time for the ball drop!

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