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Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair

Ever wonder how some women can grow long locks that never seem to get split ends? We’ll give you one hint: It’s not because of a supplement on Instagram. Most women with flawless natural hair have one thing in common: their diet. Growing healthy hair starts from the inside out, so if you want to get longer hair sans extensions, you’re going to have to start eating right. Check out the top foods guaranteed to help you grow long, strong and beautiful hair.

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5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer The Natural Way in 2019

Have you fallen victim to the hair growth gummy vitamin ads on Instagram only to achieve zero results? You’re not alone! Check out five easy ways to boost hair growth naturally in 2019!

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How To Air-Dry Your Hair!

With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to unplug the hot tools and perfect your air-drying skills. In theory air drying your hair sounds effortless. Yet, for a sleek frizz free style it takes a few best practices to get that lived in natural finish. Today Pureology National Educator Jamie Wiley is sharing techniques to achieve an air dry style-- because ‘wash and go’ doesn’t quite cut it anymore, it has evolved.

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The Styles We Fell In Love With At The 2019 Grammy's

The 2019 Grammy’s had its fair share of ups and downs. From the exceptional fashion and stage flops to the big wins of the night – shapes, silhouettes and sequins were a big theme running throughout the Red Carpet. The show, which moved back to Los Angeles from its previous New York venue was hosted by Alicia Keyes who made headlines as the first woman in 14 years to do so. With artists like Cardi B, Katty Perry and Lady Gaga and reality star Kylie Jenner shifting their shape to hats seen on Jlo and Janelle Monae and larger than life colors – the 61st Grammy Awards was loud to say the least. We’ll leave the opinions about performances to Rolling Stone; we’re here for the fashion and the HAIR! Keep reading to see our favorite looks of the night!

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Mark Leeson's Latest Collection Will Leave You BLUSHing

Mark Leeson's latest collection – BLUSH – started with a face or several for that matter. The newly appointed Global Ambassador for Revlon Professional explains to us that he had an idea of what he wanted to create but tailored the looks to his stunning models. Quality, above all else, is what you should strive for as an artist. It doesn't matter what budget you are working with, it's about together with your team to craft the best images you can create. From flawless colors to unbeatable style, Mark's latest collection has us all wishing we could rock these styles. Take a peek below to see the collection and keep reading to learn all about Mark's inspiration and wise words for those looking to branch out into session work! 

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How To Choose The Best Camera For Social Media Marketing

As a hairstylist, oftentimes we have to wear many hats. From therapist to masseuse, and usually magician – if you’ve ever had someone sit in your chair and say they wanted a change but didn’t want to take any length off, you know what we mean. To add to the mix, hairstylists now also need to be amateur photographers. With the onslaught of social media, it has never been as important as it is now to put time, energy and creative direction behind your Instagram posts. If you really want to step things up, it might be time to invest in a good quality camera. Knowing a few basics about what you should be looking for is key to making sure you get the shots you’re looking for so we've compiled a handy guide about what to look for when shopping for a camera! 

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The #1 Thing You Should Be Adding To Your Color Service

If the only time you find yourself using Redken Shades EQ is during a lift and tone you’re doing it all wrong. When Shades EQ was debuted over 30 years ago it was a groundbreaking new tool within the industry, one that to this day is still revolutionizing the world of beauty. This line differs from a normal color service because of a few important details. Its semi-permanent solution not only deposits color to enhance tone, but it also conditions the hair - making it a treatment that every stylist should add to their color services.

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How To Set Even Shear Tension

When you pick up your first pair of shears there are a few thoughts that run through your mind. You begin to realize how amazing they feel in your hand, how smooth the blades move and how effortlessly those babies can cut – and most likely you’ve knicked your finger by now. Once you’ve chosen your beloved pair you hurriedly run home and find the first person or thing with hair that you can cut! This shiny new toy is a dynamic tool that will enhance your skill and hone your career. While your biggest concern will most likely be to avoid dropping them – because of the irreparable damage that can occur from the slightest fall – your second concern should be regarding your shear tension.

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Formula’s We’ve Fallen In Love With

Around this time of year, there is an influx of flower deliveries, chocolates and sweets, date nights, and love letters. This year, you don’t need a beau to feel loved. This season, the only date night you’ll need is with your stylist because we’re falling in love with these shades all over again - from balayage to babylights, brondes, and blondes! With love in the air, doing something for yourself could be just what the stylist ordered. Keep reading to see our favorite shades of the season and how you can get the look!


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