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Our Top Tips For Wedding Season!

Through my own trial and errors and watching fellow brides go through the same struggles, I’ve learned a bit or two about the process. My wedding gift to you is a few tips to achieve the best version of you that is possible.

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Redken Remedies For Gray Coverage

Each client has their own individual beauty journey. Some choose highlights; others choose fantasy colors or single tones. What is inevitable is that at some point in your client’s life, their hair will begin to turn gray – it is up to you and them to decide how they are going to tackle this. Due to the fact that individuals with gray hair visit the salon frequently, you'll soon learn that they will be some of your most faithful clients. With about 50% of her clients gracing her chair for gray coverage we chatted with Redken Artist Casondra Rolph about her top tips.  Keep reading to learn the best ways to meet the needs, cover, or embrace your client's grays.  

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Our Top Tools For Getting Smooth & Sleek Strands This Season

If the runways were any indication, while individuality and texture were still prominent this season, we’ll be seeing smoother and sleeker variations everywhere this season. This is not to say that curls and waves are going anywhere, but simply that we will see more modern versions of these go-to styles. Haircuts have taken on new shapes and primarily shorter lengths, which mean styling will be key.

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Social Media 101 - How To Market Your Services

Once you’ve styled your client’s hair for social media, your next steps are to take those images and integrate them into the digital world. Marketing your salon services have come a long way in the past few years and it is imperative that you redefine yourself alongside your style.  It is a fact that in our era most clients will get to know us through images and posts before ever meeting us in person. They will tirelessly go down the rabbit hole of Instagram to search for their next colourist or a new cut. Part of being a successful stylist now comes from showing off your work online and allowing your work to be searchable for the right demographic. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to market yourself in the digital world and how you can use social media to make your business!

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How To Spot A True Left-Handed Shear

Are you a righty or a lefty? Your brain ultimately decides which hand your body favors. While you can’t pick which hand is dominant, you can choose the right tools for your career.  

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Meet 3 Brands Dedicated To Saving The Planet—And Your Strands—One Product At A Time

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment, and rightly so—our planet is currently overrun by toxic waste, pollution and major threats to our natural resources. Unfortunately, even though we may be taking small steps to minimize our carbon footprints (recycling, walking instead of driving, etc.), our beauty regimes often play a major role in compromising the environment. The good news? It's easy to go green when it comes to styling your strands, thanks to the efforts by some of the top brands out there. Check out three major brands leading the pack when it comes to protecting the environment—and giving you gorgeous locks along the way.

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Keune's NEW Shampoo Stick Is The Answer For Anyone On-The-Go!

From making sure liquids are compliant with TSA guidelines to freeing up adequate space in your gym bag or luggage – if there’s one thing we know, it’s that nothing is worse than when a product spills inside of your bag! Easing the mind of clients and travelers everywhere, Keune has created a new product that is sure to keep your style in check with an extra level of convenience. 1922 by J.M. Keune is excited to announce the Shampoo Stick!

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Banish Brass: Your 1 Step Solution to Combatting Unwanted Warmth

Any blonde or brunette who has had highlights knows the dreaded term “brassy”. Due to underlying pigments, when hair is lifted during the lightening process, it has the tendency to pull warm – a.k.a. brassy. While stylists do their best to counteract unwanted tones during lifting and formulation, sometimes this is simply a side effect of going lighter. Visiting the salon every 4-6 weeks for appropriate toning is the best way to combat warm tones in the salon, and now Redken has just launched a new product that can boost anti-brass impact at home as well.

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Summer Hair Color Trends To Keep On Your Radar

Hit the refresh button on your summer style. There’s just something about the summer months that have us craving change. We have the freedom to throw our usual styles out the window and reach for something a little more spirited. The best way to embrace this season is by opting for a brand new shade. Want to see a few of our favorites? Keep scrolling!


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