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No matter who you talk to, what color they are creating, and what type of technique they are using, toning is a necessity. From adding hues to canceling out unwanted shades, toning (or glossing) is the key to getting the hair color your client desires. Giving you the freedom to transition easily and effectively, Shades EQ Bonder Inside has become the industry standard for creating a beautiful finish. While we have learned all about toning, pre-toning is another effective service making a big impact on hair color. You might be wondering what this is, how it is different than regular toning, how and why you should use this service. To get all of your questions answered be sure to keep reading to learn what exactly pre-toning is and why you should use this technique!

What Is Pre-Toning: The Process

Pre-toning is the process of adding a tone to the hair after bleaching and before coloring to create an even canvas, ensuring the finished shade is exactly what is desired. You can think about it similar to the way you prep a wall before you paint it. When changing colors, you don’t just paint on top of the original shade, you prep with a primer before getting to work. When it comes to hair, this can be done with a purple shampoo or with Shades EQ. This new process may require you to rethink the way you color hair, but will inevitably give you a better shade in the long run!


Why To Pre-Tone with Fashion Shades

When creating fashion shades, pre-toning the hair can be an essential step toward achieving a true color. After pre-lightening the hair, you will want to create a clear, clean canvas prior to depositing your final tone. For example, after bleaching, apply purple shampoo or a violet toner for a neutral base, and then apply your final hue. This is critical because if you are looking to create a pink shade, applying pink over yellow will create a more apricot tone than pink. 

How to use Pre-Toning to Neutralize

The biggest issue stylists run into when lifting clients (especially brunettes) is brassiness! Due to their underlying pigments, brunettes naturally pull brassy, just as blondes naturally pull yellow. While it can be an extra step, pre-toning hair to get rid of unwanted tones means that your final shade will shine. It can also improve the appearance of your client’s hair in between appointments as glosses naturally fade.

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Upkeep Tips: It’s Never Been Easier To Be So Cool

Achieving cool tones – from blue to platinum, beige and silver – requires a few extra steps to ensure their success. When creating these shades, you can think of pre-toning as replacing underlying pigments in the hair. Achieving cool tones are hard enough; there is no reason to fight with your toner too!

Over the years, you’ve probably gotten used to adding excess tones to your Shades EQ formulas in order to cancel out unwanted shades as you tone. If and when you start pre-toning, be sure to take notes! You may have to adjust your formulas to adjust for applying toner on a cleaner palate. Think of it as splitting up your toner formulas to get a more true tone.