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If the only time you find yourself using Redken Shades EQ is during a lift and tone you’re doing it all wrong. When Shades EQ was debuted over 30 years ago it was a groundbreaking new tool within the industry, one that to this day is still revolutionizing the world of beauty. This line differs from a normal color service because of a few important details. Its semi-permanent solution not only deposits color to enhance tone, but it also conditions the hair - making it a treatment that every stylist should add to their color services.

With a similar mixture and application process, the addition of Redken Color Lacquer Gels is completely changing the way you color.  With 57 shades in 13 tonal families, Color Lacquer Gels is redefining the world of liquid color. Stylists can enhance their list of services by using these dynamic colors for gray coverage and unique fashion shades as well. Keep reading to learn more about the diverse range of ways you can use Shades EQ and Color Lacquer Gels in the salon today.


No matter the method you use to highlight your client - balayage, foils or root bleach touch up - Shades EQ brilliantly equalizes color and enhances tone. Clients are more curious than ever, so during the process be sure to educate them about why you’re applying Shades EQ and what it does for their color. Inform them about coming back between lightening appointments and touching up their color with a gloss to keep it fresh!

Rid Brassiness

The “B” word! Brunette clients are prone to turn brassy due to their underlying pigments - most predominantly red. Transforming hair to a lighter shade can often take a few appointments to reach the desired result or simply pull brassy at the level you’ve achieved. Adding shades with underlying Violet, Blue or Green colors to your toner can cancel out the brass, leaving your client with a perfectly neutralized tone.

Check out this image from @lisalovesbalayage that visually highlights the importance of toning!


Correct Color 

Sometimes communication can get mixed or a client’s color doesn’t quite lift to the desired tone. Using Shades EQ stylists can correct tone in an instant or change it up frequently to try something new. Alternatively, using Color Lacquer Gels for a color correction has a monochromatic effect on the hair, meaning that you can ensure a single desired color without a great deal of dimension. 

Add Shine + Conditioning

Sometimes clients just need a little extra shine. Whether their hair is damaged from environmental factors or their shade is simply a bit lackluster, consider adding a clear gloss to your clients color, cut, or style service to add shine and conditioning.

Touch Up Tone

Whether your client comes in for a change in color or to cover their grays, adding a gloss to their single process touch up can instantly refresh their overall color. This is a great add-on service to grow your business while keeping your client’s color on point from roots to ends!

Play With Pastels

Once hair has been pre-lightened, you can use Shades EQ to get any shade you wish - and that includes pastels! Add an all over hue, dip-dyed ends or cleverly placed tones for a fresh take on your client’s color.

Dilute Grays

Shades EQ Gels are a great new way to cover grays without lines of demarcation. This is an ideal service for clients who aren’t keen on getting root touch-ups every few weeks, those who only have a few grays, or those who like to change up their overall shade frequently. Need more permanent coverage? Color Lacquer Gels over 100% gray coverage in five color families: Natural, Natural Warm, Warm Gold, Copper Brown, and Ruby Brown.

Change Up Your Shade Without The Commitment

The other great thing about Shades EQ is the ability to change up color and do so often. Shades EQ usually lasts for about 6-8 washes, making it the perfect pair for any commitment-phobe clients. Using shampoo, conditioner and products tailored to color-treated hair can help prolong color and improve the condition of the hair.

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