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What goes in the tube of your hair colour is just as important to the health of your hair as it is to the environment. Many clients and colourists alike are becoming more conscientious about the products that come in contact with their skin and hair. COLOR.ME offers a moisturising and rejuvenating experience with natural, gentle ingredients that are suitable for all hair types. This compact colour line stays committed to the integrity of the hair while imparting superior colour performance and natural-looking results. Read on to find out why it’s time for you to try COLOR.ME!


1.     Naturally Derived Ingredients

Just like your body, your hair needs the best nutrition in order to thrive. COLOR.ME uses naturally derived ingredients such as Shea Butter, Honey and Aloe Vera to smooth and condition the hair shaft and scalp. Together, these ingredients act as a power team to moisturise, nourish, restructure and protect hair from roots to ends. These highly effective, natural ingredients soothe and soften the scalp and hair while boosting shine and strength.

2.      Rich in Antioxidants

Infused with antioxidant-rich Pomegranate and Rose Hip, COLOR.ME utilises the powerful effects of these superfoods to provide both UV protection and long-lasting colour results. These invigorating ingredients protect against environmental influences like heat and mechanical strain, while repairing and restructuring the hair from within.

3.     Ammonia-free and PPD-free

Many scalp irritations result from an allergic reaction to harsh chemicals used during the colouring process. COLOR.ME is composed without damaging chemicals that can aggravate the scalp and hair follicle. Instead, COLOR.ME is formulated without ammonia and PPD, and uses gentle ingredients to ensure the healthiest colour possible. This means that a premium colour service can now be offered to conscientious and sensitive clients who prefer non-ammonia hair colour.

4.     Full Grey Coverage

COLOR.ME offers full coverage for un-pigmented, grey hair. The multi-tonal characteristics of each shade ensure maximum colour coverage and longevity, even on the most stubborn hair. This high-performance line delivers natural-looking results to balance and maintain colour with unsurpassed shine, ridding the hair of unwanted greys and replacing it with beautiful multi-dimensional colour.

5.     Environmentally Responsible

With the environment always in mind, the water that is used to clean the production machines and colour tanks for the COLOR.ME formulation is released back into the source where it was initially taken, after being treated by the manufacturers’ in-house water treatment plants. This ensures that the water used to create these products leaves the factory even cleaner than when it arrived.

6.     Cruelty-Free Colour

With the launch of COLOR.ME, PETA has expanded its designation of KEVIN.MURPHY’s cruelty-free hair care to include the colour range in its Beauty Without Bunnies program, which includes beauty brands who do not test products on animals. The nonprofit is the largest animal rights organization in the world and focuses on ending animal suffering and abuse. COLOR.ME offers cruelty-free colour to clients and stylists and reflects the brand’s heritage and values in its initiative to bring awareness to protecting the environment and its inhabitants, including animals.

7.     Molecular Couple Guarantee

COLOR.ME uses the latest technology to ensure that every pigment molecule remains in a secure bond when applied to the hair follicle. This means fewer skin irritations and allergic reactions, and less harm to our environment. Additionally, COLOR.ME uses a specialised method to delay the oxidation process to ensure even application and optimum colour coverage. Our special micro pigments penetrate deep in to the hair shaft with minimal cuticle swelling, resulting in shinier, healthier hair.

8.     Multi-Tonal Results

Every COLOR.ME shade has been carefully hand-selected to deliver a unique and natural multi-tonal finish. COLOR.ME respects the natural colour pattern of virgin hair and creates multi-dimensional colour on every hair strand, resulting in balanced hair with exceptional tone and unsurpassed shine.

9.     Intermixable Shades

With a flexible range of multi-tonal colours, COLOR.ME lets the stylist be an artist by allowing them the room to create unique colour formulations. With endless colour possibilities, this compact colour line allows the colourist freedom to create formulations that are all their own, specialised for each individual client. COLOR.ME offers a fashion-forward portfolio of intermixable shades, allowing maximum freedom and creativity for colourists.

10.     Hair Colour Meets Technology

COLOR.ME takes hair colour to your fingertips both in and out of the salon. The COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY app lets colourists store client info, create and save formulations, and compare before/after shots of their favourite looks to share on social media. This adds to the ease of the colouring process for instant reference and client satisfaction, resulting in a personalised colour experience crafted with both the stylist and client in mind. 


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