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If you’re part of the fortunate few who will be traveling in the near future, there are a few essentials you’ll need to pack in addition to your mask and hand sanitizer!

Whether you’re braving the plane or road-tripping for the win, travel is no excuse for bad hair. So many products come in travel-sized packaging, or you can easily transfer your go-to products into special travel containers, which means you really have no excuse to have bad hair on vacation. Besides, we all know that one of the best perks of traveling is sharing photos of your adventures on social media, so to avoid an Instagram faux pas, be sure to reference this beauty travel guide before your next trip.

Prep Your Hair Before You Go

One of the best ways to ensure you have great hair all trip long is to be proactive and prepare your hair for the journey ahead. Before you board your flight or hop in the car, be sure to give your hair a good wash, and apply your trusty leave-in conditioner. One of our favorites is Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Leave-In Treatment. Not only will this leave-in protect your hair from whatever elements you may be facing on your journey, but it will also promote repair while you snooze on the cruise! For some extra care, put your hair in a protective style like braids before you leave. 

Combat Travel Slumber Hair

We’re all super guilty of falling asleep during a long trip with our head smashed against the window and waking up with less than perfect hair. Rather than rushing to put your hair up into a bun to hide the fact that your hair is completely matted to the right side of your face, let KEVIN.MURPHY save the day! Don't forget to pack DOO.OVER in your carry on and make sure it’s on all of your future travel packing lists. Using this volumising powder is super easy! All you have to do is spritz it throughout your style, work it into your hair, and you’re guaranteed to have a smooth landing. Plus, this product has refreshing properties, which means you can enjoy second and third-day styles. 

Brace Your Hair for Winter Weather

If you’re traveling to a climate that’s much cooler than yours and looking to have a White Christmas, it’s best to ensure you don’t send your hair into complete shock! Transitioning from 70-degree weather to 40-degree weather and below can do some serious damage to your hair. There are ways to combat this though, and one of those ways is by stashing Keune Care Satin Oil Treatment in your travel bag. Winter weather has a bad habit of drying out your tresses, so you’ll need a product that will keep your hair moisturized and breathe life back into your strands. This oil treatment will do just that and so much more.

Written By: Sahara