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We saw endless amounts of trends, such as the Bixie and 00s styles hit the internet at the start of the year, but as we get closer to summer we’ll see a new wave of hair color trends popping up everywhere. To ensure you have all the inspiration to pass on to your clients, take a peek at a few of the top color trends you should brush up on before summer! 

Top Color Trends for Summer 2022

Root Smudges

Brighter and blonder will be on the ticket for most clients, but with a gradual transition. Most of the time, if you transform your client too drastically, they tend to dislike the results. You can still place highlights and balayage directly at the base, but then add a slight root smudge with a Semi Color to create a soft transition that will also elongate the life of their look. 



While some might consider this more of a technique rather than a trend, clients will actually be asking for lowlights this season as they gear up for summer. The reason for this? Clients are starting to realize that lowlights can actually help their hair color pop by adding dimension and definition. In addition to this more guests are looking for low-maintenance color options while also opting for slightly deeper shades in an effort to improve the health of their hair — you can thank Expensive Brunette for this revelation. 



With more clients embracing their natural texture, they’ll be looking for beach-kissed ways to show off their shape this season. Curlyage is a balayage technique that works by applying bleach to natural texture, either by lightening individual strands or painting the ins and outs of a curl to create high and low texture that accentuates their shape. For best results, pair your curlyage service with Keune Freedome Blonde — a clay-based lightener that was designed specifically for balayage and open-air techniques. 


Face Frame

Bold or subtle, natural tones or vibrant hues — the face frame will be everywhere this season. The reason for this is the ability to create either a subtle sun-kissed effect or a bright and bold impact with minimal placement. This allows even more vibrant takes on the trend to be kept up with ease.