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While we’re all for a bright and bold mani, as we enter the new year we’re looking for a few shades to cozy up to. And if you’re looking for a fresh take on your French, we’ve got a few ideas that completely deviate from the norm — take a peek at a few of our favorites for 2024. 

2024 French Tip Nail Designs

French Press


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As the days seem to never end, we are all so busy all the time, coffee is constantly on our minds and we love adding the idea of coffee art to your nails to perk things up. This unique take on the color family uses a mixture of frothy milky whites and medium brown tones to create a swirl of fun. And with a nail stamper, this looks like one trend we might be able to try on at home! 


Nail Stamper




Tortie Tips


Tortoiseshell has always been a gorgeous alternative to single deep tones. It allows you to experiment with a slightly less harsh palette while still remaining on the dark side. By adding spots of contrast, it creates a fun illusion and allows you to pair your mani with almost any outfit. 

Eternal Nude Nail Polish Set


Butterfly French


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We’ve seen the butterfly cut, the butterfly bob and even butterfly bangs, but if you haven’t been as daring with your haircut, now is the time to try on something new with your mani. The detail is really what sets this nature-lovers French apart. While we have dreams of someday being able to create this amount of detail at home, this one might be best left to the professionals. 

OPI Suzi Needs A Loch-Smith


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