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Adjusting to our “new normal” has left most of us with an abundance of time on our hands. Already organized (and reorganized) just about every drawer, cabinet and closet in your home? We understand. Why not focus your efforts on something in desperate need of a little TLC, especially right now when getting to the salon isn’t as easy as it used to be? (And no, we’re absolutely not advising you to cut or color your hair at home—save that for the pros!)  Ahead, four tried-and-true at-home treatments that will fix your biggest hair issues and keep your strands looking fresh in between appointments. 


The Problem: Weak, brittle hair

Consider bananas to be your hair superhero! Bananas contain silica, a mineral which helps your body synthesize collagen to strengthen your hair. What’s more, it can also restore moisture and soothe a dry or irritated scalp.


The Problem: Split Ends

Not able to visit the salon as often as you’d like? Forgo one morning of avo toast and instead utilize the breakfast staple to heal split ends from the inside out. Avocado contains an array of minerals, vitamins and proteins that can seal the hair cuticle and minimize the appearance of breakage. 


The Problem: Dandruff

Not feeling the flakes? We don’t blame you! If your favorite scalp scrub is back-ordered, take a handful of salt or sugar into the shower with you. Thanks to its granules and easy ability to be washed away, these are great for exfoliating the scalp. 


The Problem: Slow hair growth

Want to stimulate hair growth? Eggs offer an endless array of beauty-related benefits when incorporated into your diet. Eggs are rich in vitamins A and E, biotin, folate and iron, making them a key ingredient in growing longer, stronger hair.