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We all live for beautiful and flawless hair! We spend countless hours searching for that magic tool and product, because lets be real here, we will do almost anything to get those perfect locks. But here’s the reality, it takes more than just one product and one super hero-like tool to keep our hair looking beautiful. Think about how often we use heat styling tools, back comb, tug, pull and abuse our hair. Achieving perfect hair takes more than one approach most of the time.

With that being said, there are also other things damaging your hair; everyday habits that we may not even be aware of. Most of us are guilty of the habits listed below, but the good news is that habits can be broken.

So what are these habits?

1. Wet Hair
​We get it, sometimes you just don’t have the time to blow dry and style your hair! But trust, tying back into a tight bun or sleek ponytail while it is still wet will only create more damage! If you don’t have the time to dry and style, we suggest styling your hair into a loose braid or applying some sea salt spray and cruise to work with the windows down.

2. Flat Iron:
We are all guilty of this one! Compress, speed thru and straighten then repeat 5-7 times on that same section! OH, this makes me cringe. Can you smell your hair burning? SLOW DOWN! Compress, slowly run the iron through the section and only 1-2 passes! When you slow down you actually speed the styling time. Save your hair, PLEASE!

3. Hands Off:
Constant combing, picking at split ends or twirling your hair…….keep those hands out! Oils from your hands can lead to breakage.

4. Blow Dryer:
Our habits tend to surface when we feel rushed, but beautiful hair takes time! We call this habit, shake and bake. You know when you are shaking your dryer around like a pepper shaker and you think you are drying your hair faster? NOPE! Section the hair for control, use a round brush and slow things down. I promise this will save you more time and it will create less fly-aways and frizz.

5. Protect Your Hair:
We are firm on using a heat protectant spray prior to using a heat styling tool. Blow drying, straightening, curling and texturizing all use heat and when you use heat, there is a chance that you can burn your hair just like you would if the tool was used on your skin. Applying a heat protectant will protect the hair and most protectants have a hold added to it, so those curls won’t go anywhere.

Life gets to the best of us and our hair, so slow down and take the time to protect your hair from these small bad habits. Your hair will thank you :)

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