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Changing hairstylists can be difficult and scary. We develop a relationship with our stylist, we go through life with them by our side and we trust them with our hair (and our personal life drama), which is huge! But unfortunately, life happens and sometimes we have to change things up.  How do you go about finding a new stylist and how do you know they will do a great job so you can be confident in your decision to book an appointment?

We get it, it’s scary and very stressful! That's why we've provided some tips to help ensure the change over will be less scary and you get the style and results you had in mind.

Trust: First things first, you have to learn to trust! Do your research before booking, search for their work on social sites, ask around and ask them for referrals! It’s ok to ask the stylist how long they’ve been doing hair, where they’ve worked and even ask if they have Instagram! The more you know the more you will trust. After you do the research and you book, TRUST THEM!

Bring Pictures: So you’ve got the trust down but now how do you explain what you want? Your previous stylist probably always knew just what you were thinking. Before you even book your appointment, start browsing for ideas! Look on Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook Save what you like and then narrow it down. Once you have the look figured out, take those images in with you and show your stylist. I promise you it will not bother them, they are not mind readers.

Be Informative: Again, hairstylists are not mind readers (well, some might be) and also, they don’t know you either. Before you arrive to your appointment, fill them in on YOU. What kind of hair do you have, what texture, what is your daily hair routine, how much time do you have to style your hair in the morning, etc... The more they know the better than can prepare so when you walk in they are confident as well!

Be On Time: I mean it’s a given, don’t give your newly trusted stylist a reason to be upset, especially one that took you a while to find. They hold a lot of power with you in their chair and they have other appointments as well. I suggest you show up early, get the new chit chats out of the way so no one runs behind on time. And remember, this is a 2-way street. If your stylist is constantly running behind it might be time to have the "be on time" conversation with them too.


Ask Questions: It’s ok to ask questions while they are in the process of cutting and styling your hair. If anything, it fills the new awkward silence as well. But really, ask what they are doing and what products & tools they are using. Your new stylist will love it!

We understand how difficult changing stylists can be, so try out these tips next time you have to make the switch and we promise the process will be much easier!

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