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Beanies, puffer jackets and rain boots are cute and all, but I think we can all agree that it’s time for a much-needed break. Feeling bogged down by gloomy skies and chilly temps? You’re not alone! The good news? Warmer days are right around the corner and we foresee plenty of sunshine and beach trips in our future. As we all (not-so) patiently await the summer sun, check out the top five ways to upgrade your normal beach-ready looks with a touch of glamour. 

Tip #1: Load up on scarves


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Hair accessories continue to be all the rage as we veer into the warmer months, with colorful headscarves reigning supreme. And it’s no reason why—headscarves have been adding instant glam to locks for decades. But, these days, it’s all about showcasing the fabric in a multitude of ways—whether you delicately twist it through a topknot or tie it around your ponytail.


Tip #2: Master the mermaid wave 


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If there’s ever a time to channel your inner Ariel, it’s right before a trip to the beach. Since the style’s debut in Summer 2019, mermaid waves have become every girl’s go-to look and with good reason—it’s flattering on everyone! To create the signature mermaid wave, opt for a three-barrel wave iron or use a flat iron to create “bends” in alternating directions down your strands


Tip #3: Get sun-kissed


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Much like many women opt to (fake) tan before a beach day, adding a subtle balayage to your strands can make you look like you’ve already spent hours in the sun. Case in point: Jennifer Love Hewitt transformed from the gorgeous girl next door into a bronzed goddess thanks to a fresh chop and caramel balayage. For the most seamless results, ask for a balayage that’s only 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color. 


Tip #4: Embrace the summer shag


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Want a haircut that’s a style on its own? This season’s shag is effortless, edgy and perfect to “wash-n-go.” Taking a cue from the “Malibu” singer herself, Miley Cyrus’ piecey shag has “spent-a-day-at-the-beach” written all over it. The best part? The cut’s choppy layers add instant texture—minimal styling required. Simply spritz on a sea salt spray, scrunch your ends and you’ll be ready to spend the day catching waves—or at least lounging in the sand. 


Tip #5: Bring on the bubbly


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Who says champagne is reserved for special occasions and holidays? We have a feeling everyone will be binging on the bubbly this summer and we’re not only talking about the drink! Champagne blonde is anticipated to be the season’s hottest shade, instantly adding a touch of luxe glamour to your look. The striking blend of gold, pale yellow and vanilla hues is flattering on an array of skin tones. What’s more, the spritzy shade can be tailored to your liking, whether you want a vintage blend with more yellow tones, a subtle hint of sparkling rosé or something in between.