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Let’s face it: 2020 isn’t exactly how we imagined it would be, but that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer for it. Enter: hair accessories. If you’ve been loving the messy bun life and are looking for a way to look like you tried—even when you didn’t—it’s time to embrace the world of hair clips, hats and more. From patterned headscarves to bucket hats and everything in between, there’s no excuse for your hair to look like a hot mess this fall. Check out the top hair accessories to stock up on now. 

Statement barrettes

Barrettes have been back for a while, only now they serve an additional purpose: Not only do barrettes add elegance and polish to any style, they can also be used to help keep a face mask in place, perfect for #quarantinelife. Simply pull on the mask, then secure a barrette into your hair on each side, making sure to include the face mask straps. A cute and easy way to make wearing a face mask more comfortable? Sign us up! 


Looking for a simple, hassle-free way to conceal dirty roots? Look no further than a gorgeously patterned headscarf. No other hair accessory can elevate your outfit faster than a headscarf. From the luxe satin and silk fabrics to the eye-catching patterns, scarves can serve as both a statement piece or an accent to your ensemble. Wear your hair down and tie one around your head for a chic pool look, or, intertwine a scarf in between a braid for a romantic, boho style. 

Bucket Hats

We never thought we’d see the day when the bucket hat would make its way back into mainstream fashion, but here we are. Yes, the iconic ‘90s topper is now trending again, especially when it comes to vacation wear. Bucket hats come in an endless array of vibrant colors and patterns, making them the perfect accessory to any swimsuit.

Claw Clips

Blame it on the heat, or the lack of motivation to actually break out the hot tools—claw clips are experiencing a major revival this fall. Perfect for windy weather or days when you need your hair off of your neck, simply twist your hair into a bun and secure it with a claw clip.

Butterfly Clips

Another throwback accessory making major headway at the moment? Butterfly clips! Yes, the same clips that appeared on Britney Spears, Elle Woods and Claires’ store window displays in the late ‘90s have fluttered their way into 2020. And we’re loving it! Not only are butterfly clips an effective way of securing flyways, but they also add a playful pop of color to any style. 


When it comes to bows this fall, size doesn’t matter. Both mini and maxi-sized bows are trending at the moment, adding a youthful, feminine flair to your look. Throw on an oversized bow headband to help you channel your inner Blair Waldorf or add a mini bow to a high bun for a flirty nighttime look.