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The 90s don’t necessarily feel that long ago for most of us, but believe it or not; it's been over 20 years since that decade wrapped. While most of us remember the styles, the boy bands, the butterfly clips, and the spaghetti strap tops from first-hand experience, we could use some inspiration when modernizing the hairstyles for today’s trends. With nostalgia at every turn, we’ve got a few 90s-inspired hairstyles that you can easily create this holiday season.

The Easy Upstyle

This messy chic meets snatched bun style is the ideal second-day hairstyle that can add flair to any ponytail.


@redken Slick 90’s Inspired Upstyle #redkentexturepaste #redkenstyleconfidently #hairtok #hairstyle original sound - Redken


  • Comb through hair and then apply Redken Texture Paste from roots to mid-lengths. This will help tame any flyaways and create a smooth finish.
  • Comb hair into a ponytail, and on your last loop, pull it only halfway through to create a looped bun.
  • Use a curling iron to refresh your ends, and finish with Redken Brushable Hairspray to keep everything in place.



90s Blowout

Whether your idea of a classic 90s blowout is via Jen or Cindy, this tutorial will help you create the look. The key? Subtle volume, slightly tucked ends and a smooth finish.

@redken Recreating Iconic 90’s Blowouts in Lickety Split. #redkenstyleconfidently #brushablehairspray #spraywax #90sblowout #90shairstyle original sound - Redken


  • Prep the hair with Redken Quick Blowout to protect against heat styling and to speed up your blowout.
  • Rough dry the hair and then use a round brush to create a straight finish with slight bends to your ends.
  • Apply Redken Spray Wax to add texture and control to each section.
  • Finish with Redken Brushable Hairspray and finger comb your style into place.


Messy Pixie

From Halle to Gwyneth, pixie haircuts were everywhere in the 90s, with one thing in common — a slightly messy finish. Whether you have a traditional pixie or are rocking a Bixie or Mixie, this one’s for you!

@redken Messy Pixie Quick & Easy with Texture Paste & Brushable Hairspray. #redkenstyleconfidently #pixiestyle #quickandeasyhairstyles original sound - Redken



Cool Girl Hair

These waves are the perfect update to the once-loved crimped hair look. With a deep wave and a repetitive pattern, The right combination of sweet and chic, the finished style looks like flat iron waves but takes a fraction of the time to create!

@redken Ready to change up your waves? Check out this Cool Girl style by @Lindsey.marie.olson. #ironshape11 #heatprotection #coolgirlhair original sound - Redken


  • Prep hair by spraying each section with Redken Iron Shape 11 before iron work to protect hair from the heat and add a slight hold.
  • With no elevation, work the iron into the hair, starting just below the root and moving toward the ends.