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In a new and natural direction for BaByliss PRO, they are taking a fresh approach to the ever-growing beauty industry by creating clean, sophisticated and influential editorial imagery that really speaks to the professional.  Due to the fact that fashion, celebrity and social trends hugely influence clients, they are happy to share their tools and techniques in a niche that is their strength.

Working closely with the world’s best session stylists since 1959, they felt it was time to share their experience and knowledge with all hairdressers. To do so they are embarking on an educational journey that brings the world of session into the salons, sharing the session world’s top tips and little secrets from some of the best names in the industry. 

“We are dedicated to the progress and support of our amazing industry…  Our new Session to Salon education teaches you how to translate key fashion looks for your clients, and how, by using the very latest technology, TE makes this easy for you”.  -Andreas Stavrou Creative Director BaByliss PRO TE


Session To Salon

In a new education platform called ‘Session to Salon’ they’re taking the influence of fashion, from runway and photoshoots, and translating the looks that inspire them into ready-to-wear styles that can be shared with salon clients.

Session to Salon is a look and learn seminar programme that will continue throughout the year, in trendy locations coinciding with Fashion Weeks all over the world. It will be an open learning space for all salon professionals to come, be inspired and educated in one place. Working with the world’s best session stylists, they aim to share the inside story with you - where their inspiration comes from and how to apply in the salon.


Supporting Young Emerging Talent

BaByliss PRO has always been a supporter of young, emerging talent in the industry; something they are very proud of, and now they will be doing so by supporting young artistic teams that are affiliated to the Fellowship of British Hairdressing in the form of Club Star and the jewel in the crown F.A.M.E. Team.  Click HERE to understand more about these amazing teams.



BaByliss PRO has been at the forefront of innovation and development of electrical styling products for the professional hairdresser for over 60 years. The company began in Paris in the 1950s and while the double ‘B’s were inspired by Brigitte Bardot, the company has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected hair brands in the world. And with the Titanium Expression (TE) line they set out to create a collection of the products every hairdresser would need for any hair situation.

Developed by professionals to withstand a professional environment, BaByliss PRO products are tested by real hairdressers in a variety of working environments before they launch – backstage at major fashion weeks, on shoots, and in the salon. This allows them to modify and adapt each tool to the professional to make sure they are delivering exactly what you need. As a brand that welcomes feedback from their community of stylists, even after their products launch they are open to modifying tools, developing all products in-house, to ensure a seamless style.

With an ethos to give hairdressers the freedom to push creative boundaries with ease - their tools stand up to the demanding working conditions stylists face and with superior customer service, they are always there to support you. 


The ‘Expression’ Education Collection

These looks deliver the unexpected – ready-to-wear styles for everyday – with a fresh, effortless, undone feel. At BaByliss PRO they understand the importance of hair within fashion and with Titanium Expression, you have the freedom to create what your client wants.

With every new collection, BaByliss Pro will create accompanying educational how-tos in the form of easy-to-absorb, short Instagram style, step-by-step videos. The videos will show how to get each look from the collection, giving you to tools and inspiration to create new styles for your clients. Short and easy to understand in a world where immediacy and agro free learning is proving key to progress.

BaByliss PRO will announce the list of Session to Salon educational seminars in early 2017. In the meantime, stay tuned for their fabulous tutorials to expand your creativity and develop your skill set! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates!