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Cover Photo: Lori Miller


As textured styles become more prominent there are a few styling tricks to be aware of, to ease your routine and create natural texture. Learning how to properly air dry your hair is one of the biggest tricks to getting the style you desire. Air-drying also allows you to save on time and extra heat damage to your strands.


To air-dry your hair to perfection it is important to pay attention to your hair type:


For fine/straight hair, air-drying is all about using the right products to create movement. Because your style starts at your scalp, it is imperative to use a product that will create bounce and volume in this area. Try using a mousse at the roots and a texturizing salt spray throughout the lengths to add extra grit, hold and volume. Once dry, insert your fingers at the root and give your hair a good shake to energize the volume at the roots. Repeat this action whenever you feel you need a bit of volume. Finish off your style with a shine spray or flexible hold hairspray to keep your tresses from falling or frizzing.


If you are on the thick or curly side, it is best to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair is properly hydrated. Healthy hair is the first step to a successful style! For your hair type it is helpful to keep a wide toothed comb in the shower to comb through before leaving. It is generally better to part your hair in the shower and hit it with a spritz of water before leaving. The less you touch your hair once you get out, the better. This is especially true for curly hair. Once you leave the shower use a t-shirt or paper towel to dry them, they have much smoother surfaces than a terry cloth towel and will therefore fight frizz from forming. Once out of the shower apply a cocktail of products, oil and a curl defining cream are the best for your hair type. Once dry, either add a texturizing spray for a beachy vibe and/or a shine spray to finish off the look and seal in your style.


Air-drying can give you extra time in the morning and also cut down on damage to your strands. Because these techniques are easy to learn and practice, you’ll love your new routine! Do you have any air-drying tricks of your own? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!