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You like to have the occasional glass of wine. So do we! Especially a nice glass of red on a cool night. Oooohhhh or Rosé on a summer day! But, why does your hair need a drink?! It doesn’t… the “alcohol” in your hair products is a whole other kind of alcohol. 


Alcohol in hair products can serve a myriad of purposes. You think it would drying, however you would be wrong. There are such a thing as “fatty” alcohols that actually moisturize and condition your tresses. The alcohols that begin with a “c” or “s” tend to be hydrating like Cetearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol and Stearyl alcohol. 


Another reason you’ll find alcohol in your hair products is for drying. Not specifically to dry out your hair, but to dry the product. It’s a drying agent, like in hairspray. The alcohol is needed to actually dry it out so the product doesn’t leave your hair feeling wet and sticky. 


This brings us to another thought….alcohol and heat. It’s understandable that you want your curl to last, but think twice before using drying alcohols and heat!  Using hairspray or any product containing DRYING alcohols, not hydrating alcohols, can add to injury to your hair. You run the risk or burning or singing your ends. Please, leave the sizzle to the steak and reach for a thermal protectant. Not the hairspray. 


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