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No matter your age, the truth is, your hair is ageing. Think about how long the ends of your hair have been around: the days they have spent in the sun, at the beach, under the hairdryer and in between the straightening iron. This means that your hair might need more attention and care than you may think.


When it comes to the maturity of your hair, there are three types of factors to be aware of:

1. Hormonal Ageing: This is a result of the fluctuation of your hormones due to factors such as age, medications and body changes.

2. Environmental Ageing: Ageing that comes from exposure to the environment; this can result from weather conditions to water quality, and even hot tool use.

3. Chemical Ageing: This develops from colouring your hair regularly or getting straightening treatments, and is the quickest way to age your hair.


As your hair grows and matures, the diameter of your hair shrinks and your cuticle layer gets roughed up. The cuticle layer is important because it is the outermost layer of your hair that controls product absorption and moisture loss, protects your inner medulla and cortex layers, and will ultimately determine how your style will turn out. If the cuticle is damaged, the layers no longer close and lay down as they should, which means moisture is easily lost, and dirt, dust and debris can enter in, causing the hair to look dull and feel frizzy and brittle.

To ward off chemical ageing, choose your colour carefully. COLOR.ME is formulated with gentle, nourishing ingredients that naturally moisturise, rejuvenate and impart incredible shine without having to further compromise the environment, or the health of your hair. And have you ever noticed the way a child’s hair shimmers and shines in the sun, showing off each facet of colour? COLOR.ME delivers a similar multi-tonal finish for a natural, youthful result. When used wisely, colour can be one of the quickest ways to turn back the hands of time.

When caring for your ageing hair, it is important to use a well-rounded ANTI-AGEING regimen. To begin, we suggest lathering your damaged locks with YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH,  which will restore lustre, moisture and elasticity to your hair while reviving and softening each strand.

After you have prepped your hair with your WASH, apply a nourishing MASQUE such as YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE, which will give your hair a doseage of powerful anti-ageing ingredients that will leave your hair soft and supple.

Use YOUNG.AGAIN.RINSE after your MASQUE in order to lock down your cuticle with nourishing ingredients and restore your hair to its healthiest potential. As a final step in your regimen, apply YOUNG.AGAIN treatment oil to either damp or dry hair to smoothen out your hair shaft as a prep or finishing step in the styling process.

Utilising a proper care regimen, along with being diligent about protecting your hair from various damaging factors, is the best way to ensure your hair stays healthy over time.


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