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Cover Photo Credits - Hair & Makeup: Sarah Adams - Photo: Kissomaru - Designer: Rick Owens

You can be honest; I won't tell… do you cut your own bangs? 


I get it, they grow too fast and you want to cut them. It’s just so tempting; they are long, you are starting to feel like they are tickling your eyeballs (gross) and the scissors are RIGHT THERE! What usually happens for us is a face-off in the mirror on a Friday night, trying to decide how to cut them without ending up with the short bangs Uma Thurman wore in Pulp Fiction. Cute, but no. 

To be completely honest, and despite my stylist’s recommendations, I cave. I’ll grab the closest pair of anything sharp and start hacking away. Trying to figure out the best angle to hold my shears — the professionals make it look so easy. I’m sure I can give myself a flirty fringe! Once I take the plunge, I’m usually left with that queasy feeling that I must have done something wrong. Very wrong. 


If this all sounds familiar … PUT DOWN THE SCISSORS AND WALK AWAY! If you can’t help yourself, and you just know you’ll keep cutting… there is a new stylist approved fix you can grab. It’s a fail proof way to give yourself a pick me up in between salon visits. We are obsessed with it because it was created by a stylist who’s clients are just like us…. Professionally dedicated clients, but once in a blue moon stray to the DIY side. But only for the bangs, cutting and hair color is better left in the salon. And in our defense, we feel bad about it, but we do cut our own bangs. Once in a while. 


The Fringe Snipper can be used by anyone from stylists in salon, to clients at home in between salon visits, for the textured, blunt,  or side swept bangs; and in a pinch can trim split ends. Since there are no sharp edges to worry about it is the perfect tool to use on your child, or even a pet. Check out this video tutorial to see the Fringe Snipper in action…


Video of a product used to cut bangs


Product Guide to Get the Look: 

Making it easier for the next time you want a change...
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