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Cover Style: Sylvia J. Stankowski, Written by: Lori Barsamian

Why Am I Having A Bad Hair Day?

We’ve all had one… we wake up with a pep in our step and decide to style our mane. Except it feels like the whole universe is against you, and it might be. You can’t leave it down, half up looks horrendous, that braid is not happening, and even your go-to top knot is saying “no”! Since you know you’ll regret it if you shave it, showering may be the only option… Once you’ve sudsed up, doused your hair in conditioner and decided to let it “air dry” you begin to wonder why you even have “bad hair days”, and how to control it. 

Although some may believe that bad hair days are either a myth or a fluke, there is some reasoning behind this negatively charged “je ne sais quoi” of chaos. The biggest factor I have noticed over my years of curly hair disasters and salon flukes is… drum roll please — THE WEATHER!

I am not just talking about hot or cold, rainy or clear. I am talking about the nitty gritty’s of atmospheric pressure, dew points, and precipitation levels. There is a great deal more going on in the environment than just the temperature. For example, you may wonder why if it is 80 degrees in LA your hair looks like a frizz ball, but if its 80 in Palm Springs all a sudden you look like a Victoria Secret model. You can thank the dryness of the desert air for that one! But watch out, if you’re in an area where the wind is blowing you can sometimes get caught in a windstorm that will lead to static frizz city. 

Knowing your hair type and go-to products based on the weather will ensure stress-free styling no matter where you are. 

Hair Type:

Fine and Straight - You’ve had your fair share of hair envy, only most don’t know your struggle to achieve curls and volume. 

On days where the air is dry you need to combat static - dry conditioner is the perfect product to add weight to your hair type without leaving it overly greasy. 

When it is muggy out opt for a volumising root lifter and dry shampoo. This combo will bring your hair back to life and keep it from sticking to your scalp, which in turn will add movement and bounce. 

Textured and Thick -

The desert is your best friend, the dry air is like an automatic teasing comb... volume galore. However make sure to keep hair hydrated with a leave-in, dry conditioner, or serum.

When the moisture rears its angry head you need to be ready, with hairspray in hand. Anti-humidity spray is your best bet, if you want a sleeker look opt for the cure-all - dry conditioner. For best results make sure to prep hair before you begin with a serum or oil. If you’re blowdrying make sure the hair is 100% dry before leaving the house and always guard with a hairspray and an umbrella! If you are opting to air dry, apply products right after the shower and then again when about 50% dry to tame frizz and flyaways. 

Personally I find that moisture + curly hair is the most difficult combo, but we all have our own dilemmas. Hopefully this guide will give you the gift of great hair no matter the weather…  

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