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Who will you choose to Reign Supreme?

We awarded 306 weekly Supremes Winners, 12 monthly Supremes Winners and now the Winner to Reign Supreme comes down to YOU. 

Please help us crown a winner from the 12 monthly Supremes Winners of 2015. It's a COMMUNITY vote on Bangstyle.com


Bangstyle Supremes 2015 Winners! Bangstyle Supremes Contest 2015! Bangstyle Reign Supreme Contest, 2015

Bangstyle Reign Supreme Contest, 2015  Bangstyle Supremes Contest 2015 Bangstyle Reign Supreme Contest, 2015

Bangstyle Supremes Brand Sponsors, 2015

The Winner to Reign Supreme will recieve gifts courtesy of our generous sponsors...DS LaboratoriescolorpHlex, USmooth, ElevenSam VillaFromm, Voloom, CBC, Macadamia Professional, HAI, Amika and Bangstyle!


Bangstyle Reign Supremes 2015 Contest Bangstyle Supremes Contest, 2015 Bangstyle 2015 Reign Supremes Winners

Bangstyle Reign Supremes Winners, 2015 Bangstyle 2015, Reign Supreme Contest Bangstyle Supremes Contest, 2015

Who will you vote for?


Show support for your favorite artist and hair image by SHARING your vote on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Help the 12 monthly winners spread the word and secure the votes* to take the title. 


Want to be a Supreme?

It's January and we are starting fresh! Each week we honor the best 6 uploads of the week, you can win once a year. Be sure to upload all year round to be featured in e-blasts and on our Social Media. 

To win, upload your best hair art to Bangstyle.com or the free app

We'll do the rest! Now go VOTE!

*1 Vote per Device, Once a Day