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This STITCH style works great with a bob.  Once you keep weaving this style, the hair will lock into place. It’s a great way to do dress work without using bobby pins. The more you do it, the more controlled the hair will become. 



  1. Make a side part. Then, create a triangle section by parting from the top of the crown to the front of the ear at the temple. Separate the triangle section and gather the other hair into an elastic. 
  2. From the triangle section, divide along the side part to create a subsection that will STITCH into the hair. 
  3. Use pomade to control the triangle section. Secure with clips so you have a firmer STITCHing base. 
  4. Starting at the top of the crown, weave the needle diagonally toward the back of the head. Move the needle up and down to create space for where the hair pulls through. 
  5. Pull a piece of the subsection through to create the first STITCH. Repeat until you run out of subsection. 
  6. Take the ends that fall in front of the face and continue the ribbon by STITCHing them across, working toward the back of the head. 
  7. To incorporate the ends, feed them back into the ponytail using the STITCH. Simply take the end, put it through the eye loop and STITCH it right back into the ponytail until it disappears.


Your STITCH look is complete! 

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