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Beach-worthy styles are typically reserved for warm summers filled with backyard barbeques and long days spend in the sun. They usually involve a braid and a topknot, and have the lingering aroma of suntan lotion. And while you might have a plethora of hairstyles reserved for vacation, why not wear those summer styles all year long? With a few tricks and a spritz of product these styles will make you feel like you’re back at the beach in no time!


Top Knot Tricks

The key to a great topknot lies in the amount of volume, texture and hold you can achieve beforehand. It is best to start out by prepping dry hair with Sea Salt Spray. This will give your hair extra grit and a messy-chic feel. Instead of using a hair tie to create your topknot, opt for bobby pins to secure the style. This allows you to control the movement of your hair, and thanks to the Sea Salt Spray your hair will have plenty of texture for the bobbies to hold on to.

Braids On Braids

Braids are not only the easiest fix for beach hair gone awry; they are the perfect accessories to accompany you on the sand. To emulate the look, prep by combing through dry hair to remove any tangles. Then, spritz the ends with Make Me Shine Spray Gloss to tame your locks and begin to braid. Have fun with your braids! Go for a Fishtail, a simple Dutch or even a Box Braid. Once you’re finished spray Give Me Hold Strong Hairspray and pat down any flyaways.

Next-Day Braids

The other great thing about braids is that they can be let down the next day for a simple wave look! After braids are undone, give your hair a thorough spritz of Sea Salt Spray and use your fingers to create volume and movement at the scalp. The sea salt spray will keep frizz at bay and add movement to your stands.


These styles prove that pulling off a fabulous beach style is more about your state of mind than the state of the weather.  Be sure to stalk ELEVEN AUSTRALIA on Bangstyle and stay tuned on social media @ElevenAustralia to see their latest tips and tricks for on and off the beach!