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Adventures in Bearding… Part 2 (in case you missed it: here's Part 1)

So you’ve got a beard… now, what do you do with it? 

Whether you own one, you’re married, financed, or just have to be in close proximity to one, you’re gonna need some tips on how to tame the beast. I took my fiancé in to get a haircut and proper beard trim at The Blind Barber Shop located at the Movember Foundation offices… bet ya didn’t know they had a barbershop attached did you? 


Movember Offices    


It is AWESOME, I experienced it first hand, in the first steps of getting my fiancé to say bye-bye to the beard and hello to a Moustache for the month. Before he went full ’stache we wanted to see just what a proper shaping by a barber could do for the furry friend (although I call it a beast) attached to his face…

I was a little late due to the nonstop LA traffic, but arrive to find Nick (my furry fiance) was happily caped up and chilling with a beer in hand, guys love that kind of stuff.

 Photo of a man with a beard about to get a haircut


Frankie Cornejo, our Barber du jour couldn’t be cooler and made me not totally hate the facial hair. 
It is important to have a clean haircut when you have a beard to avoid looking unkempt. Therefore he began by giving Nick a proper haircut, with plenty of juxtaposition, to complement his massive beard. 

Frankie started by sectioning off the top portion of his hair (from the round of the head, up)  to create disconnection. He then worked the side and back sections, using clippers and a comb so get his hair perfectly faded. Once the sides and back section was set, he moved onto to the top section. Using shears to cut the weight line for his “Peeky Blinder’s”-esque look. Nick’s hair is extremely straight so Frankie used thinning shears to add texture and create movement for a perfectly coifed cut. 


 Photo of a man with a beard getting a haircut

Photo of a man with getting a haircut

On to the beard:  

Frankie began by combing the beard in alternate directions to make sure all hairs were exposed and even. He then used a clipper and comb to shape the beard, much like scissor-over-comb technique. Since beard hair is often thicker he constantly combed the beard to make sure he was shaping it properly and any strays were accurately addressed.


Photo of a man with getting his beard shaped

Photo of a man with getting his beard shaped


To finish the session, Frankie used a straight razor to clean up the back of the neck. This is an awesome treat, being shaved with a straight razor feels great for them and has a bit of nostalgia for any man.  


Photo of a man with getting a haircut

Photo of a man with getting a haircut


With beards being hotter than ever, it is important to take yours in for a tune-up every once in a while. By having your beard professionally shaped it actually allows for the beard to grow out better and keeps it looking cleaner. 

 Home Care:

- Wash and properly use beard oil daily, this will help soothe skin and keep the beard looking healthy and shiny.

- Comb a few times a day to keep beard free of any particles or debris.

- Practice proper safety measures before operating heaving machinery, make sure hair is secure and out of the way of moving parts. 

- If ingrown hairs occur; place a hot towel on the affected area and use tweezers to grab hair at the base to remove.

- Make sure to get a haircut that compliments your beard, keeping both your hair and beard neatly styled will accentuate each other.

- Don't go at it alone. If bearding is something you would like to try, make sure to consult a professional for shaping and upkeep advice. 

- If your significant other hates your beard, consider buying them a puppy.


 Photo of a man with getting a haircut

                                       BEFORE                                                                             &                                                                              AFTER

The Blind Barber at Movember Headquarters

Peace and love to all the Mo-Bro's and Mo-sistah's out there! 

Written By: Lori Barsamian