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What could be more relaxing than someone doing your hair while you sit and enjoy a class of crisp white wine? Or your favorite heady brew?! Well, now you can (legally) in California. My stylist (who will remain nameless) has let me indulge in the occasional adult beverage while sitting out the long grey coverage wait for years. But, who knew the Governor would pass a bill legally allowing for alcohol consumption in salons so I could indulge without worry she’d get into trouble! Thanks Governor Brown!


There are two types of hair clients, the ones who need a cut and the ones who love the experience. They love to chat and catch up with their stylist, try out new colors and cuts and exude confidence in this. The clients who feel like going to the salon is a social event. We may be the ones signing up for a cold one during the service, and we are thrilled to hear it’s now officially on the service menu!


For those of you who want to know the paremeters, they are detailed below:​

- there must be no extra charge or fee for the beer or wine

- the establishment’s license must be in good standing

- no more than 12 oz. of beer or 6 oz. of wine may be offered to a client

- the alcoholic beverage may only be served during business hours and no later than 10 p.m.

- the bill does not inhibit cities, or cities and counties, from placing restrictions or limitations on the consumption of alcohol within their jurisdiction


Salons all over the globe have sunk this gracious offering onto the menu for many years. What do you think of it? Great? Unnecessary? Even dangerous? Or just plain gracious? Feel free to leave your comments below!


Whatever you think… you can be sure we’ll be raising a glass to you during our next hair color service!