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Whether you’re born with naturally gorgeous goldilocks, or you are a salon blonde, home care is just as important as your regular salon appointments. Try these tips to keep your hair looking fabulous between salon visits… 


Let’s face it, you love being blonde! Truth be told, becoming a blonde takes time and staying blonde takes work! Whether you are blonde from roots to tips, have an ombre, sombre or a just few baby-lights, adding lavender hued products to your hair care regimen will keep your colour looking better longer.


We want to help you keep your blonde as bright as can be, so there are a few tricks we have up our sleeve that will help your locks looking more like Cinderella and less like Katy Perry.


1. Try out lavender products: Using a purple shampoo and treatment, such as BLONGE.ANGEL WASH and TREATMENT will keep your hair perfectly toned at home. It will even out your color and keep the shade balanced between salon visits.

Why Lavender?

Lavender is the contrasting color of orange - therefor using lavender hued products on a daily basis will naturally cancel out unwanted orange tones in your hair. This is why stylists “tone” your hair giving it that gorgeous cool blonde look, but please...leave that one to the professionals.  Adding a little purple will leave you with the perfect blonde shade day in and day out. Say Bye-bye to brassiness!


2. Deep Condition Your Hair: It is important to keep your hair healthy to keep your blonde looking its best. By deep conditioning at least once a week, your cuticle will be in better condition and your hair color will last longer.


3. Use Heat Protectants: There is nothing wrong with styling your hair, but using the proper products to protect it will keep your hair, and color looking brighter and shinier longer. Before blow drying hair, always make sure to apply an oil, like YOUNG.AGAIN to protect and heal hair from heat and the environment.  



So go grab your sunnies, scrunch in a little product and get out there with your stunning blonde locks. Here’s to looking forward to spring and an endless summer! For more haircolor tips and tricks be sure to check out these articles