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The days of winter are finally coming to a close… Or, if you live in California, “Swinter.” The start of spring brings a whole new array of new hair color options. It’s time to shed your winter reds and browns and bring back the blonde that we all love so much. But, before you take the hair-color plunge, make sure you’re prepped and ready to be the best-looking blonde in the bunch. Whether you’re a natural blonde, or plan to highlight or dye your hair a lighter hue, make sure you know how to keep your hair as bright and fresh as the spring season. 


Disclaimer: Make sure to see a professional stylist if you plan on highlighting or coloring your hair. Once you go blonde, you never go back, so this is one thing that you should NEVER try at home. 


Now, keep your blonde looking bright as you step out of the salon and into the shower. It’s important to use the right products at home that will help maintain your color and will not strip your hair. 


Try a shampoo specifically for your colorBrightening Blonde Shampoo will enhance the color of you hair without damaging it. Their newest shampoo is specifically designed for blondes— and I mean, ALL shades of blonde. It amplifies the brighter tone of your hair which will give it a sun-kissed look that is perfect for spring. Not only does it brighten your hair, it protects it, too. Blonde Shampoo infuses moisture and nourishes your hair in order to prevent dryness, tangling and breakage. Even better, the shampoo contains natural extracts including White Pineapple, Mamaki Tea, and Lemon. These extracts activate the lightening process, enhance shine, and also freshen the scalp without damaging or drying out hair. 


Follow with a proper conditioner! Brightening Blonde Conditioner provides additional benefits to reinforce healthy hair growth, especially for blondes. This product uses botanical toners that prevent brassy tones that may appear with some blonde highlights. Starfruit, rich in Vitamins B and C, aids collagen formation and strengthens the hair shaft from roots to ends. The conditioner also protects your hair from the humidity and UV rays that will damage hair during those warmer months. 


Make it Last! Finish off your prep routine for the perfect blonde-bombshell blowout. Brightening Blonde Balm is the final step in achieving a look that is runway-ready. This balm hydrates and nourishes your hair in order to create a silky-soft and shiny finish. It incorporates botanical ingredients, such as aloe leaf juice, which restore dry, damaged hair. Apply the balm to damp hair and work through with a comb. Dry one section at a time, and you can even style it with a round brush as you go for the ultimate blowout. Your blonde will look fresher, cleaner and more natural with a luxurious shine for glistening blonde tones. 


The gloomy days of dreary hair are over. The sun is out, the snow is melting, and blonde is blooming. Achieve your best blonde by taking these essential steps for healthy and happy hair. Always consult your stylist for coloring questions, and stock up on the these products which will help spring your hair into action.

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