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In this tutorial from Sam Villa Professional we learn a must-have blow dry for the upcoming season! Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam member tells us more about the look and how to get it!


“Today’s flexible styles don’t look rigid or overly coiffed. On top, root direction is neutral, but definitely voluminous. The ends show polish and definition, but they look natural without obvious uniformity. And, the sides and back are compressed tight to the head, blown toward the back. The LAST thing we would want to do is make this easy, undone look appear difficult to style!” says Linares.



The Steps To Get The Look:


  • Blow dry with a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer and hands until hair is approximately 60-75% dry.
  • Section away the front and crown sections (horseshoe) and isolate with a clip.
  • Wrap-dry the sides and back with medium pressure and the Sam Villa Artist Series Paddle Brush, focusing the root direction toward the back of the head.
  • On top, wrap dry the horseshoe in an oscillating pattern, peeling off sections from right to left, front to back and from corner to corner. Occasionally carry the brush through the ends for polish and shine, rotating wrist slightly to produce a bend on the ends.
  • Once the roots are voluminous and “confused,” use a Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush to smooth flyaways at the hairline and create any back brushing needed for the finished look. Its smaller size makes it perfect for working in tight areas like the temple and nape, and 100% soft boar bristle with light compression makes it ideal for smoothing surfaces of finished styles, back brushing or sculpting detail areas.
  • After the blowout, use favorite products for soft definition and powdery shine, arranging the hair for the final look.


Tools To Get The Look:




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