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You have probably heard about bond building, and how it can be a vital tool used with color service. However, DS Laboratories has elevated the category to fully repair and create the strongest hair of your life with the introduction of its groundbreaking in-salon treatment, “Continuum”.   To understand this, human hair is prone to considerable damage to environmental conditions such as sunlight, as well as everyday styling, the use of hot tools and chemical processing (i.e highlights/lightener).  “Continuum”, a completely innovative product, will reverse the damage by strengthening the connections between the cortical fibers within the hair shaft in order to regain tremendous hair strength as well as rearrange cuticles to ensure their maximum protective efficacy and more importantly create incredible smoothness and shine.  



As for as the bonds themselves within the hair shaft, Continuum does not only strengthen the disulfide bonds, but assists in forming NEW bonds, leading to quality never before possible.  The research and development team at DS Laboratories has created all this in a simple 2 step, in-salon treatment that does not require bumping up the developer, extending processing time, or leaving any sealant or residue on the hair shaft.  

Old color and highlights pop again when used as a stand-alone treatment.  Hair becomes easier to style and will hold style longer.  Hair is completely protected through color and lightening services.  The second step of the service can be used as a cutting lotion to drastically reduce the amount of time spent to restructure.


DS Laboratories, the leader in hair technology, has once again changed what is possible when looking to give clients the ultimate transformations they deserve.


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