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Cover Style: Richard Mannah

As the days heat up, so do your weekend plans. While it’s nice to enjoy the day outside, away from your computer, it’s time to explore a few styles beyond your standard hairstyle. Give the ponytail and topknot a break and switch it up with a braid or 2. Don’t forget…. Hair is Fashion!  Why take all that time to get your outfit and make up just right while ignoring your hairstyle? 


Year after year, the runways are flooded with a new twist on the braid. From distressed to undone fishtail braids to “milkmaid” braids donning the crowns of fashion week’s hottest catwalk models. Not to worry, if you’ve tried the intricate trendsetting styles and failed, we’ve crafted a few hair hacks that will give you the looks right off the runway:


Boost your Braids: You’ve seen countless pictures on Pinterest of luscious braids that put Rapunzel to shame. But whenever you try to replicate the style, your braids turn out flat and limp. The trick is to use a texture powder after creating the braid to give it an extra boost. Style Dust, a texture powder, will add instant volume to your hair. Perfect for fine hair or hair that does not hold braids or curls, it’s simple and easy to use. After braiding your hair, dust the powder onto the braid. Then, gently pull apart the braid with your fingers. And that’s it! This will immediately boost your braid, and it will give you the Pinterest-perfect-textured look for fine hair braids have been dying for. 


Style: Richard Mannah


Smooth and Sleek: You’re going for a demure look and want to have sleek, clean braids to compliment your “athleisure" outfit. Unfortunately, these type of braids tend to result in hundreds of little flyways that can appear more “static chic” than sporty. The key to victory for this look is in the prep work. Start by adding Smoothing Cream to your hair before blow dry styling. Remove most of the moisture, apply a “Dime” amount of Gel to the hair before braiding, and then finish with a mist of Shine Spray. This will help perfect the shape while providing light hold. The combination of cream and gel will smooth those pesky flyways and will allow you to create a sleek, sophisticated style you can wear all day long. 

Style: Sophie Springett


Hot Mess: You’re about to spend your entire Saturday on the go, and you want a style that is both cute and functional for your busy day. What you want is a messy fishtail braid a-la Tory Burch 2012 Fashion Week! The fishtail will keep your hair out of your face while giving you a playful, relaxed look. This style may be classified as “messy,” but it’s important to keep your braid controlled, and in the end..it will be anything but messy! To achieve this look, apply Sea Salt Spray on damp hair and rough dry. This will give your hair a natural, tousled feel with the perfect amount of natural texture needed for the fishtail. The next step: braid it!  Split in two sections and weave small sections across to the other side. Take a small chunk, place on the other side with the existing hair there, repeat and repeat. After creating the fishtail, apply a Texturising Volume Spray as a finisher and tease the braid with your fingers, gently pulling it apart. This will give the fishtail instant volume, and you’ll be ready to conquer the day— or the runway. 

Style: Chiesato

Don’t spend another minute fussing over braids that fall flat. With these tips, you’ll turn from braid-challenged to braid-master just in time for the next round of runway styles! 

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