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As other bond builders pale in comparison to b3, learn more about how to utilize this tool within all of your color services.

These days, being a colorist is more than just touching up grays and adding depth, in a world of never-ending colors your creativity can now be endless. Working with the palettes your are given, it is important to make sure to keep the integrity of your clients hair while giving them the results they desire. To make sure your client goes home happy and that you are pleased with your work, add a bond builder to any and every color service. 

b3 works with your color process to reinforce the inner structure of your hair to create stronger locks. It can be used in all color services with minimal changes to formula. It works by not only reinforcing your hair, but by building bonds as well. This will not only improve the health of your hair, it will allow for better color retention as well. Which means your unicorns will stay brighter, longer.  

As stylists, we know that working in a salon can be hectic, and its not always easy to keep track of directions. Although b3 is easy to use, we wanted to create a handy mixing guide for you to have on hand whenever you need a little help. 

-Mix your formula like normal and do not bump developer.
-After mixing color, add 3.5ml (1/8 oz.) of b3
-Mix thoroughly 
-Process normally

-Mix 1 oz bleach with developer with a 1:2 ratio
-Bump developer one level
-Add 3.5ml (1/8 oz.) of b3
-If formula too thin- add more bleach powder *do not add more developer


-Mix 1 oz bleach with developer with a 1:2 ratio
-Bump developer one level
-Add 7ml (1/4 oz.) of b3
-If formula too thin- add more bleach powder. *do not add more developer


Keep these directions close as adding b3 to your color formulations will not only save your client’s hair, it will make your color look healthier, shinier, and more true to their tones. Have fun and happy coloring! 

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