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Written by: Nicoletta Gauci


Bond builders have taken the industry by storm and are many colorists favorite new addition to their services. B3 Brazilian Bond Build3r is different from other bond builders because it is a one step process, aiming to aid during a busy day at the salon to simplify and save time for stylists. 

With B3 you receive the benefits of conditioning and hair health maintenance without slowing down processing time. B3 also increases the longevity and vibrance of colors, working wonders on reds and direct dyes that so often fade quickly. For many stylists, B3 has become a necessity in their services, and they are able to reflect this by increasing their prices because of the amazing outcomes. It can be used for all processes, from routine touch ups to major makeovers! 

It’s easy to use formula makes formulations a breeze. You simply measure out the amount needed based on the ounces of color or bleach you are using and mix it in as your final step. If you are lifting, increase your developer, if you are depositing then you can leave as is! It works wonders in both lighteners and toners as a final seal.

As a stylist, B3 is great for literally any client getting a color service. It doesn't slow you down, it opens up your range of color and it allows you to increase your ticket.

Who doesn't want their color to last longer and their hair to feel healthier? Its worth the slightly higher service price for happy, healthy, shiny hair.

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