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Lorna Evans is the queen of long hairstyles and offers classes and education to those looking to learn. As an often forgotten about category, it is an integral part of anyone’s career and can prove to be beneficial. In this step-by-step tutorial, Lorna Evan teaches us how to create romantic hair flowers – in a look versatile enough to be worn to prom, a wedding, or a party! Follow along below...


1. After the initial consultation we note: 

Personal style: Classic

Abundance: Fine

Diameter: Medium


2. Section by section, apply an abundance of a medium hold mousse and blow dry.


3. Take a section on a diagonal from the back of the part to the bottom right of the nape.


4. Brush and smooth the hair over to the bottom right of the nape.


5. Smoothly tie off with a snag band.


6. Coming from under the pony split the hair gently with your index finger.


7. Using a Loop De Loop (better known as a topsy tail) thread though the split, loop the pony into the middle of the wire and pull gently down.


8. This gives you a fantastic controlled roll on thick hair with no pins!


9. Using the H2D small barrel (available on my website) curl the tail and pin. 


10. Place a half card to keep control as you work.


11. Split the front section into 5 even sections and clip.


12. Using a small snag band, place at the base of the pony. 


13. Without letting go, twist the band and pull a small loop though before twisting in your next petal.


14. Repeat by twisting in the petal and creating the next.


15. Open a tiny bobby pin using the tab on your magnetic bobby pin band (available on my website) and pin in place.


16. After creating the first flower, place a card at the top of the section to keep control.


17. Remove the pin curl clips and softly brush.




For even more education, be sure to stalk Lorna Evans on Bangstyle and enroll in her latest classes on the Gold Coast and in Sydney!