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Editors everywhere agree, styling is IN again. Although we loved the easy mornings of “bed-head chic” and “yesterday’s curls,” you better bust out your blowdryer and keep it close by because polished is the new “it girl” style. 

For certain hair types (the ones that can’t just wash and wear) this trend is horrifying. All those extra hours of sleep are gone right when you were getting used to your "no makeup, makeup" to match your "no style, style." Before you change your alarms to compensate, think about alternative options you have at your disposal - don’t forget we are living in the age of innovation. 

As you begin to get your Google on, you'll find that there are certain treatments that promise stronger, shinier hair with faster drying time. Welcome to the world of keratin! As you dive deeper into your research, you'll learn that Cezanne smoothing treatments have no harmful chemicals, are eco-friendly and can last months. Low maintenance and long-lasting? Where do I sign up?!

Cezanne offers two different treatments based on your hair type and desired outcome, Perfect Finish and Express. It allows you to keep your curls (if you want them), fight frizz, and cut drying time in half. With this treatment, many find themselves simply air drying because the smoothing treatment allows their hair to dry straight, wavy, or curly without frizz - which means it automatically looks polished with little to no fuss. 

To learn more about this miracle worker and find a stylist near you, be sure to visit the salon locator on Cezannehair.com.