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David Stanko, Redken Educator and sought after colorist worldwide, discusses Blonde Coverage and gives you the tips and techniques needed to conquer a plethora of color situations.

Just like any other shade, blonde has many depths, tones and levels to it. There are very few people born naturally light blonde but many that want to appear as though they are. When aiming for blonde - the lighter you take a client, the more chance for damage and breakage.  When your client approaches you and wishes to be their blondest blonde try these tips to avoid damage and deliver the best blonde possible...in COLORIST CONFESSION: HIGH DRAMA HIGHLIGHTS! 

 "When I’m foiling the hair with Blonde Idol Flash Lift, I never use heat. Instead, I change to a higher-volume developer when I’m getting close to completing my foiling pattern. Some things cannot be rushed… processing at room temperature for up to 50 minutes is the way to go!"

-David Stanko


Amy is a Natural Level 3 and wants to be as blonde as possible via highlights.


Highlight using Blonde Idol Flash Lift Maximum Power Lightening Powder

Blonde Idol Flash Lift in a 1:1 ratio with 30 Vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer

Blonde Idol Flash Lift in a 1:1 ratio with 40 Vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer 



1 ¾ oz. Crystal Clear Shades EQ Gloss
¼ oz. 09V Platinum Ice Shades EQ Gloss
2 oz. Shades EQ Processing Solution


In this 8 part series you’ll hear COLORIST CONFESSIONS for all types of shades and scenarios. If you missed part one: "Endless Summer", check it out here! & be sure to stalk Redken to see when part three - "Gray Be Gone" arrives. 


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