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Amy Laing creates styles and images we wish we could dive right in to. Her characters captivating, her hair phenomenal, and the vibe evoked have such depth and oftentimes happiness to it that we wish we could live in the world she evokes through these still shots. This year, Amy is a Finalist for a Contessa and we couldn’t be more ecstatic for her! Take a peek at her collection and learn more about what went into it and what the Contessa’s mean to her!



How did you dream up your collection for Contessa?

I have always been fascinated by movement. And I’m having a bit of a love affair with the hair of the 60s and 70’s. I love to see how hair moves!


What do these awards mean to you?

I’m super humbled and honored to be a finalist (I know that sounds super cliché, but it’s true). These are some of the most creative and passionate hairstylists from across the country. I go through the photos every year and marvel at the creativity in Canada.


How do the Contessa’s impact your styling career?

I do this more for my personal growth than to be competitive. I have been a Semi-Finalist 4 times, this is my first time as a Finalist. I’d like to hope that I will keep growing, and that my work will keep getting stronger.


What were the influences behind this collection?

I really wanted it to look like it was an editorial, not a hair shoot. I spent a lot of time looking at editorials from the 60’s, 70’s, and 90’s. I’m still obsessed with the crazy sexiness of the 90’s supermodels.


What was your favorite aspect of this shoot?

The team! It was so much fun, and such a gift to have so much talent in one studio. We laughed all day! Tina Chang, Stephanie Strazza, and Tommy Koger- you make my life!


What was your biggest challenge in bringing this collection to life?

Air. We had fans, wind machines, hairdryers, and cardboard. We tried just about everything to get the hair to move in the way we wanted.



What tools do you use to promote your art?

Social media. Mainly Bangstyle, Instagram, and Facebook.


How did you develop your style as an artist?

Art, dance, music, theatre, and architecture. I’ve also been super lucky to have some of the most incredible mentors along the way, who really pushed me beyond what I was comfortable doing. As well, I work with the most creative, talented, and giving group of stylists I have ever met. A safe environment allows for incredible creative growth.


Are there any tips you want to share with younger stylists about how to brand themselves?

Think about it, plan, and post often. A friend once said to me that individual branding should read like a great magazine. A little bit of personal content, but be sure to show off the work and professional growth.


Do you have any advice for artists thinking about entering the Contessa’s next year?

Plan plan plan. Be over prepared. Then, plan some more.


If you could have a super power what would it be and why?

Maybe to never need to sleep. Imagine how much I could get done! lol


With this competition: What was the biggest challenge/learning curve for you?

Only with this competition am I in complete control creatively, and am responsible for organizing every aspect. Learning to communicate clearly, and be an equally good listener. I feel like I get better at it every time.



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STYLIST: Amy Laing

MAKEUP: Stephanie Strazza