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Curly or Straight? Whether getting ready in the morning or for a big night out, this is one of the most common questions any girl asks herself. When the outfit, nails and shoes are locked in, the hair is the icing on the cake that completes the overall look. Who says you can’t have it all though? With these stellar styling tips from INDIE HAIR, you can learn how to create simply straight locks that will Work Hard for you, or bouncy strands that will Play Harder!



Work Hard

You want a smoother style that will accentuate your minimalistic wardrobe. You often opt for bold prints and designs that push the limits. You aren’t afraid to try something new, and when you do, you mean business!



  1. mix polish #mixitsoft with gel #mixitstrong into damp hair
  2. blow dry with a paddle brush
  3. finish the style with hair spray #superfirm



Play Harder

You have a carefree approach to getting ready and you love the way the wind feels in your hair. You tend to wear clothes that are flowy and free and would pick bronzer over lipstick any day and if your hair is going up – there’s most likely a braid or a topknot involved.


  1. mix polish #mixitsoft with putty→clay #wreckit to damp hair and scrunch dry
  2. curl the ends with a large barrel iron
  3. break up the curls by running your fingers through it to create a soft style.


Can’t decide which look you love more? Try them both! Pick up these INDIE HAIR goodies and see which style best suits you!




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