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Over the years, trends have proven themselves to be cyclical. We just didn't see this one coming back... or so soon. Originally we reported on this nail shape in the Summer of 2016, and it seems as though it's back again! The initial look was made popular alongside the buzzy duck face selfie trend so we might see those circulating as well. 

What Are Duck Nails?

Duck Nails emulate how duck feet are webbed, long in shape and wide, similar to a swimmer's fin. The shape, also known as "flare nails", becomes wider as the nail moves toward the tip. Because this is not usually a natural shape, the nail will need enhancements to create the look. While we've seen celebrities like Lizzo rocking this trend, it seems as though nail lovers are on the fence about this nail trend, not just because of the style but also because the shape poses a risk to your natural nail bed. With such a wide shape, it can easily get caught, broken, or cause extra stress to the nail bed. While we aren't sure how popular this trend will be this year, there is plenty of inspiration to pull from if you want to try it. 

Duck Nail Inspiration


@bratz_clawz Second time doing duckies im really loving them and wanna do more !!! Im located in LA for any baddies that are interested #nails #ducknails #nailtech #losangeles original sound - Keefe



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