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You love fashion, style, and hair! You’ve dedicated your life to making things look beautiful, and you’re constantly on the prowl for the next best thing, oh and your favorite color is black! We know… you’re the definition of a true stylist. What you may not have signed up for are the hair splinters and bleach stains that usually accompany your daily routine.


You aim to make others look gorgeous each and every day and you want to feel that way too. With you, the stylist, in mind we created something to help you fend off bleach stains and keep your outfit looking fabulous all day long!


With three styles, in your favorite color, we introduce Beautee’s, because work should always fashionable. This lightweight tee has a vintage feel and a repellant nature. Woven with Teflon; bleach, dye, coffee, water, and product will not penetrate. It will leave you with the piece of mind to create beautiful styles all day without worrying about spilling on yourself or coming home to a bleach stain. With a tank, a tee, and a three quarter sleeve option, you’ll be covered from day to night.


Beautee’s are a perfect balance of form, function, and fashion; the way any workday should be.